Honorable Grasshopper  

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Uploaded: 09/17/17 1:35 PM GMT
Honorable Grasshopper
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Just a little image I made using Photofilter7. I saw something like this somewhere but I don't know where it was. But I kept it in my my memory and recreated it. I'm sure the other person's art was much better.


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09/17/17 2:04 PM GMT
Frank, Don't sell yourself short on your artistic quality! I think this turned out great, I'm a huge fan of yours. tigs=^..^=
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Nature in all her glory is my uplift on life and so is my love of photography. sandi ♪ ♫
09/17/17 2:55 PM GMT
I guess your memory is a bit like mine Frank..

It 'Bugs' the life out of me when I try to understand Grasshopper's!

You do magnificent work old friend!
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09/17/17 7:15 PM GMT
Very apt title Frank, because Mr. Grasshopper shows us where dignity stands for, ☺ .
'CREATIVITY' written in capitals, my friend!
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09/17/17 7:34 PM GMT
Your grasshopper is logo sleek in its form and composition, Frank.

And while it appears simple, as an artist, I can see elements of your artistic sophistication in its construction: the graceful arch of the antennae, the outline interrupt on the head where the leg crosses in front of it to clearly indicate that it is the near leg, and the "V" pattern perspective shift between the left and right rear legs ... just as examples.

You are a very talented and thoughtful artist!
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09/17/17 7:47 PM GMT
I love what you did with the grasshopper bFrank - Very nice work, indeed!!!!!!!!!!!
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09/27/17 6:24 PM GMT
Bright, colourful and adorable
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