Most Sincere  

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Uploaded: 02/27/21 10:24 PM GMT
Most Sincere
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That was the title I got in our graduation class album. Imagine that...most sincere. Whatever that meant. I think they were just being kind because I believe I was more of a rebel.


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02/28/21 11:10 AM GMT
Those eyes have come to life in your hands Frank. Very nice work indeed.
Even a rebel can be very sincere Frank.
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02/28/21 11:11 AM GMT
Frank, I can't judge whether your teachers acted out of courtesy or whether they were indeed right.
I suppose the latter. Although I don't know you personally, we've been in contact for many years with this medium. I've never noticed some rebellious character from your side. But when something isn't there, it can't be shown either, 😁 !

Thanks for another perfect illustration!
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02/28/21 10:23 PM GMT
It does not matter if you were a rebel, they might have seen your true being my friend, I get the impression that your very caring, and sincere. This is so well done, bravo! tigs=^..^=
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