Bridges of Tyne  

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Uploaded: 03/01/10 10:02 PM GMT
Bridges of Tyne
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Had a disagreement with a member of my family.Normally a laid back person i let them know what's what and as the Head deserved respect..Well it bothered me so much i had to get out the house and cool down..No waterfalls at 9pm those woods are creepy at that time.So i headed to my Town Newcastle..I wasn't thinking straight and like a fool didn't take my tripod so i handheld these.So they aren't as pin sharp as i'd like.Well it had the desired effect and i have cooled down.This is the Millenium footbridge crossing the River Tyne and to the right is the Baltic art gallery.The brightly lit building is the Sage,Home of the Northern Sinfonia Orchestra.The Moon was a bonus as were the stars.As a result it was pretty darn cold and i didn't hang around..R.


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03/01/10 10:37 PM GMT
The city lights on this is the reflections. What a beautiful city.
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03/01/10 11:52 PM GMT
Great city lights. Nice job.
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"Hurry to meet Death before your place is taken."
03/02/10 12:00 AM GMT
Are you sure you didn't stop at the Pub in the interim Count B. Great shot and once again I am interested in the shutter speed and aperture. Nothing wrong with a little Attitude Adjustment for those who need it.

I really like this shot.


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Hopefully my photos and stories will let you know what makes me Tick
03/02/10 3:15 AM GMT
Well I think this is perfect and gorgeous and an outstanding shot Richie! Sorry about the disagreement but if this is the result, thats cool!
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03/02/10 4:34 AM GMT
Looks good to me. tell me, did SHE beat yo butt with a broom?
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03/02/10 4:54 AM GMT
Bravo Sir RIchard!!... what an outstanding photo. I like this one even better then the other one. THIS is my favorite. The reflections are just magical! Too bad that ya had a disagreement...but look what came of you "cooling down" by going out in the dark!! Absolutely wonderful photography. Congrats on this one. Verena
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Love is always bestowed as a gift -- freely, willingly, and without expectation.... We don't love to be loved; we love to love. ~ Leo Buscaglia
03/02/10 7:21 AM GMT
Ho Hum....The 'Master' is home!....

Photography relaxes eh!....some fine workings with these sure you didn't meet any 'dollies of the night' on yer rounds?...
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* Owing to the deterioration in my hands, I find that I cannot comment as much as I should..But please know...I do look at all your posts!..and will leave my 'moniker' >OB< when I do so!...Thank you all * OwdBob'sGallery
03/02/10 1:43 PM GMT
Beautifully composed and executed, I so enjoy your perspective here. Your choice of creative therapy is a gift! Thank you for sharing it.
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03/02/10 5:17 PM GMT
A wonderful night scene. Nicely composed and lit, lovely reflection.
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In order to discover who you are, first learn who everybody else is; you're what's left.
03/02/10 7:01 PM GMT
.¤ª"˜-»¦«- -»¦«˜"ª¤. nícє shσt .¤ª"˜-»¦«- -»¦«˜"ª¤.

Very beautiful!!
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every day is a gift......that's why it's called the present!!
03/02/10 9:06 PM GMT
This is Gorgeous photo,Richie.Love the reflections and thouse Beautiful lights..I have allways loved night scenes,and this is Magical..Faved.
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03/03/10 5:31 PM GMT
Wow there is alot of colors. Great capture.
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03/04/10 5:39 PM GMT
Now that's what I'm talkin' 'bout! Gorgeous.
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03/06/10 5:19 PM GMT
nice shot Biffo !
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03/09/10 2:05 AM GMT
i could never have done what you did hand holding a camera. it's really a nice shot.
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02/26/17 10:29 PM GMT
I am surprised you out in the dark wowee
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