Music was my first love  

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Uploaded: 02/07/11 5:02 PM GMT
Music was my first love
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And it will be my last. ... Credits Violinist scanned from my grandaughters music school papers. Musical note brushes from Obsidiandawn Base image taken with Canon 7D at the Whistling Thrush Tearooms Hexham Northumberland..Kind permission of Mrs Pegotty. On condition I bought an extra Cream Scone.. This is a Biffobear copyrighted production. With kind permission from Mrs Biffobear Aka Doreen.. Oh nearly forgot my entry into the comp...Tin flute by premier man


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02/07/11 5:05 PM GMT
What a world class photo Richie with the young lady playing the violin in silhouette and the bright notes on the blackboard...All the best to you in the contest my friend!
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02/07/11 5:12 PM GMT
'OoooH'...this is gooood & proppa

very good pal

did you have that extra scone then?
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02/07/11 5:23 PM GMT
Outstanding!!! Best of luck to you in the contest Sir Richie:)
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02/07/11 6:15 PM GMT
Mmmm...I bet the cream scone was delicious. This is a wonderful shot. I am assuming that the girl is your granddaughter? The only thing I'm wondering is if her silhouette should be lightened just a touch. The head and shoulders get lost on the left side.
I'm sure you will do great in the composition.
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02/07/11 6:36 PM GMT
You must have a magic eraser. LOL. I bet that girl playing the violin is one of those Suzuki Method students from Japan. Well done, Biff. Good luck in the contest.
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02/07/11 6:45 PM GMT
You forgot to credit the company that provided that attire for your avie, Count B. This is the best one anyway. Glad Countess B gave you permission to post this.


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Cameras are like people--sometimes they lose focus.
02/07/11 7:30 PM GMT
I'd say you about did it perfectly. What a great entry.
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02/07/11 7:36 PM GMT
Lovely entry.

Methinks the girl is to dark, regarding to the rest of the room and to the daylight that is falling into the my humble opinion ofcourse....

It's creative and well done on the music notes:o)
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Carpe Diem!
02/07/11 8:59 PM GMT
Magnificent,Richie.Perfect entry.Good luck.
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02/07/11 9:30 PM GMT
What a marvelous entry, and good luck Richie. Tigs♥ =^..^=
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02/07/11 10:06 PM GMT
This is a great entry Richie. You could have made the left side a tick brighter. Best of luck.
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02/08/11 2:48 AM GMT
Fine image !
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02/08/11 3:02 AM GMT
Beautiful and outstanding Richie! Great lighting!!! Good luck buddy.
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02/08/11 3:24 AM GMT
I see a win in your future with this one Richie. Very well captured and edited.
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02/08/11 4:56 AM GMT
Beautifully done...BOL in the contest...
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02/08/11 9:27 AM GMT
Nice composition for the contest and best of luck to you. I think I would have either cut a little closer around the young lady or at least drakened the edges a little more before I pasted her in the room. Albeit, a very nice entry.
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02/08/11 3:36 PM GMT
I kind of figured you'd find your way around the problem. What does your granddaughter think? I like the music floating towards the window. With all those eighth and sixteenth notes, seems a bit of a fiddle toon she might be playing. lol
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02/08/11 10:44 PM GMT
What a Magnificent piece of work onto that great image, beautifully done and thanks for the link
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02/08/11 11:21 PM GMT
A very creative and artful composition, Richie! I love how the notes on the blackboard seem to glow and how they float from the girl's violin out the window. Great image!

- Steve
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02/12/11 10:56 AM GMT
Excellent work, very creative
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