The Boy  

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Uploaded: 01/17/07 8:10 PM GMT
The Boy
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Here's a new picture I've drawn. This is my son and the picture is one my wife took from up stairs while he was walking down the stair case. I'm still struggling with some of the drawing techniques (ok, _all_ of them) but I'm having tons of fun. Thanks for looking :)


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01/17/07 9:15 PM GMT
you have talent, great drawing of a beautiful boy
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01/17/07 9:42 PM GMT
You're talented indeed... if this is your struggling, i can't w8 for the drawings u'll do when u'll master those techniques. I can see here that you are striving for perfection, cause this would satisfy me :P... Good luck & great job.
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01/22/07 6:29 AM GMT
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01/24/07 12:24 AM GMT
I totally agree with everything ROPman said! I love the shading, especially on his face. Must have been some pretty neat lighting. Great work!
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01/24/07 12:38 AM GMT
This is a beautiful drawing! The attention to detail is very apparent. Great job! I too, look forward to seeing what you submit when you are no longer "struggling" Diane
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01/24/07 5:31 AM GMT
this is beautiful!
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01/26/07 2:52 AM GMT
i love it, if u are having troubles i cant see them. great work.
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01/26/07 8:08 AM GMT
I would say you are not strugging with anything! that is one wonderful drawing you have done there! Patti
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01/29/07 7:18 PM GMT
Excellent!! I love the shadings that are in just the right place and the overall drawing does give us a clear image of what your son looks like. Great job with this, there is true talent in this, keep positive things to say about your artwork!!
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02/10/07 1:34 AM GMT
...kinda looks like he's saying into a camera "is this thing on?"
haha jk great post
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02/17/07 8:32 PM GMT
Very nice image. I don't think that much struggling was present, you seem to have mastered the pencil. I like the paper you used, very well done.
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04/30/07 4:03 AM GMT
I don't think you need much more training. I draw as well, and I can say this is a great work of art.
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08/17/07 12:47 AM GMT
This is superb,,,,can you give lessons? Nice work.
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08/17/07 12:51 AM GMT
Pretty good-especially the lighting/shadowing; it does have an oddness about it=the pose is strange to if hunched over....that is ok if what you meant.I think you have much talent and need to be a bit looser:perfectionism will cause you to overdo and miss freshness in subject. NOT meant to offend; rather to assist.
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09/19/07 11:13 PM GMT
haha thats me....
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10/26/07 1:52 AM GMT
awesome picture of billy :)
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11/03/07 3:16 AM GMT
thats me!
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12/04/07 11:41 PM GMT
great picture
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03/15/08 7:12 AM GMT
An excellent drawing! You are very good at showing the folds and creases on the shirt.When I was in art school many years ago, part of the course concentrated on that part of I know it's touchey a sto how well one does with it. But even the hair and the expression of your son, you've done a fantastic job with that. Be proud of yourself, you deserve it. This is really a wonderful creation. Thanx so much for sharing it with all of us..Verena
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03/24/08 8:11 PM GMT
I can not see anything wrong with it.looks good to me.looks like a great kid. Thanks for sharing.
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05/25/09 2:44 PM GMT
Really nice. You have got a good technique. Only thing is more detail 'could' be added but more in this style would be great.
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11/19/09 7:22 AM GMT
well i like ur draw ,,,,it's really great....
keep it up
good luck...
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