metal works  

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Uploaded: 04/03/12 12:25 AM GMT
metal works
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Surgical steal and pliers sans blur. ma forever bracelet :)


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04/03/12 1:23 AM GMT
It looks like you threw in an arm for good measure Bli. I hope it didn't cost you an arm and a leg. I can tell you love it and for good reason.


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People are like cameras--sometimes they lose focus.
04/03/12 2:03 AM GMT
Much better focus this time around. Good details and lighting in the photo. Nice work.
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04/03/12 2:09 AM GMT
it's my protection
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how can one use letters, words or prose against its own institution? is it not to say that this accepted alphabet can portray intolerable thoughts against itself; the reflection of these words represent the meaning of ones mindless inquiry, generalizing became this text. . .read the marks behind a letter of assurance/ freedom is jailed within. . ." _ EaB
04/03/12 4:10 AM GMT
Much brighter, sharper version here...Faved...
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04/03/12 6:56 AM GMT
Chain mail...Did you get it from your Knight in shining armour ?..Nice a sharp...R.
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04/03/12 1:16 PM GMT
Lovely bracelet. Great shot.
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