Are the cows safe?  

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Are the cows safe?
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3D Studio Tutorial: Sphere,Pbomb,Volumetric Light.


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01/01/70 12:00 AM GMT
Hmm I can only wonder where you got THAT title!


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01/01/70 12:00 AM GMT
not bad at all :))


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01/01/70 12:00 AM GMT


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01/01/70 12:00 AM GMT
what cows? where? I dont see any


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06/24/02 3:26 AM GMT
i LIKE, in extremis LIKE this one! the drama of the light in the background and the shadowy explosive jettisoned material- as if we watching a catastrophe in process...VERY, VERY cool (can't believe it's only gotten a 5:10 rating)...but, i gotta ask: Where did you get the title, "Are the Cows Safe?", a sign of a strange imagination at work...yeah!
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06/24/02 3:47 AM GMT
Just a small sample of the random crap bouncing around in my head. :-)
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-caedes (Please! please fear my wrath...)
07/16/02 7:07 AM GMT
I love the title:)
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08/06/02 8:13 PM GMT
The Gateway warehouse after the Big One.
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08/06/02 8:25 PM GMT
LOL, that kills me :-)
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-caedes (Please! please fear my wrath...)
10/08/02 4:26 PM GMT
I love the name, very cool image
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02/16/03 1:33 AM GMT
I see it as one day the sun is going to be takin over by things creatures that can live on the sun and we will never see light AGAIN
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02/22/03 6:25 PM GMT
Yes! The Cows are safe! They were hiding in my closet! Good pic!
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03/18/03 12:48 AM GMT
A "Twister" reference, I presume! I DIG!
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04/22/03 9:56 AM GMT
of course they are safe...they are encased in bubble wrap and stuck into all those boxes.... nice pic caedes
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"Feel free to point, stare, and talk amongst yourselves."
04/25/03 3:23 PM GMT
Nice title, and probably has a loose reference to the fact that it's black and white :rollseyes:

I like :)
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07/14/03 5:22 AM GMT
Hilarious title! The lighting makes me think of light from a UFO landing in the cornfields shining through a barn wall.
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08/07/03 12:01 AM GMT
When i look at this pic X-files pops into my head for some reason hmmm lol. good job! :)
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A.K.A. "Champ"
08/12/03 7:38 PM GMT
nice pic but corny title
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09/09/03 2:44 AM GMT
What does this have to do with cows???

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09/29/03 5:46 AM GMT
cool bg caedes
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09/29/03 11:30 AM GMT
i like it. sorta like somthings covering a star but
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10/08/03 8:01 PM GMT
i like it, but i don't think the green should be on some sides... :S
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11/07/03 4:09 AM GMT
I think so too the greens should not be at the sides
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11/09/03 6:42 PM GMT
Only in Wisconson. er, maybe....
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12/02/03 12:26 AM GMT
"Just a small sample of the random crap bouncing around in my head. " .....erm...I would hate er love to see the large sample of random crap bouncing around in your head. You have some really nice work-Meg
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Got Sharpie?
12/28/03 2:53 AM GMT
Clever title.
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01/03/04 6:36 PM GMT
like the picture, like that title
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03/02/04 6:58 AM GMT
as long as they are not crazy!
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03/23/04 10:47 PM GMT
This is small sample, of what pouncing around in your head? The world is defiantly being taken over!
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Clayton H. Bramlett
08/26/04 9:58 PM GMT
I love this piece. Funny title. Its kind of funny how some artists try to think of some great, majestic title for their art. you sure didn't give a care. Screw the title, i like the work.
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09/10/04 6:59 AM GMT
I like the work, caedes. And one of my best friends would very much appreciate the randomness of the title. I have listened to him too much and therefore very much appreciate it myself. Nice choice. Then again, I tend to do things like purposely shelving my books in completely random order. It's not that I don't care. I do. I care about not being organized. Okay. I'm a little off the subject. But anyway, I meant what I said. A very cool image.

No, the cows are not safe. They were all murdered ruthlessly to make hamburgers. Yum!
(Eat that, vegetarians!)

(Get it?)
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Distractions . . . leaving your mind in neutral. Neutral becomes a habit until you are as passive as a stuffed bear.—Shirley Rousseau Murphy
10/06/04 2:36 AM GMT
In my oppinion, this is probably your best. Looks reletively realistic. The green isn't bad, but I would have enjoyed it more if it was reddish, or within that hue range. Seems underrated to me, but not toatally unfair. Nice effort in this one.
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"The person who says it cannot be done, should not interrupt the person doing it." - Chinese Proverb
11/22/04 5:55 PM GMT
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'Study the past, if you would divine the future.' - Confucius Gallery ...... Thoughts
12/14/04 9:31 PM GMT
SHOW US THE RANDOM CRAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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06/14/05 11:30 PM GMT
Wow. This is a really good picture, probably one of the best that I have seen on this site.
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09/15/05 10:58 PM GMT
lol! I don't think so! :D
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"Listen to creations morning, Waking all around you. Feel the spark of dawn within, Breaking day has found you."-The Lady of the Lake.
10/02/05 1:23 AM GMT
You really have to blow this one up to appreciate it. Excellent Job. I'm giving it a ten.
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-DFX -
10/17/05 3:53 AM GMT
sweet. very destructive like but yet peaceful in a way. 10 :D
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"We all hide from what we know, but the unknown is what kills us" - Matthew Smith
01/14/06 6:35 PM GMT
Lights are great but the cubes are maybe a bit too sharp in parts of the pic.
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04/16/06 7:59 PM GMT
Wonderful 3D! Like the way the cubes are exploding towards or away? from one. The black cubes I like, and the pale green on some of the grey cubes. But I'm worried about the cows...
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02/02/08 12:23 AM GMT
if my brother is around--no, the cows are not safe. i love the title--kinda reminds me of me.
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"more men fail for lack of purpose than lack of talent." billy sunday
09/19/09 10:58 PM GMT
pretty cool, lucky i am not a cow....
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let me keep my eyes open, let me see the beauty
03/20/11 9:33 PM GMT
this is totally a picture of prions.
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how can one use letters, words or prose against its own institution? is it not to say that this accepted alphabet can portray intolerable thoughts against itself; the reflection of these words represent the meaning of ones mindless inquiry, generalizing became this text. . .read the marks behind a letter of assurance/ freedom is jailed within. . ." _ EaB

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