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Uploaded: 01/22/07 6:51 AM GMT
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.. at my in-laws I took this sitting on the ledge :o)


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01/22/07 7:03 AM GMT

Lol... it's really nice! I like the blurring and the combination of colors is perfect!
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01/22/07 7:15 AM GMT
Beautiful colors and detail Chris. The light coming from the left is pleasing. Well done.
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01/22/07 10:42 AM GMT
Beautifully done Chris, soft and simply lovely:)
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01/22/07 12:11 AM GMT
I haven't seen such a beauty of a macro to a flower for a while now... This is trully amazing, love the color & the exceptional clarity & the very nice blur effect on the ledges, giving the shot a special feeling... Superb work. Thx a lot 4 sharing.
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01/22/07 2:05 PM GMT
Beautiful work, Chris. This is lovely and cheers me up immensely.
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01/22/07 2:08 PM GMT
Such perfectly rounded leaves and the variegated color is so delicate that you really have to look for it to see it. The only complaint I have about it is that bit of cloth in the background. But really I didn't see it until I had been staring at the pic for quite a my personal faves..lovely job.


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"We consider the artist to be a special sort of person. It is more likely that each of us is a special sort of artist." Elsa Gidlow
01/22/07 3:22 PM GMT
This is nice Chris, your second macro! lovely colour flowers! keep it up!
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01/22/07 5:09 PM GMT
Beautiful and subtle Chris. The softness is lovely and the colors are great. Excellent post.
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I'm in and out of here a lot but seem to have little time to comment. So, know that I enjoy your work and hope you have a happy day ;) Anita
01/22/07 5:11 PM GMT
sheesh! I am always clicking on the wrong thing - went to see your gallery which is the easiest way to view all photos when you have been absent for a few days and looks like I clicked the wrong button and added you as a friend again! - lol! wonder if you will appear twice! anyway about this photo - something different Chris! ....and it is a wonderful macro photo - so delicate and kind of dreamy! :) Patti
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01/22/07 5:21 PM GMT
This is beautiful! GREAT shot! Wen
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01/22/07 6:49 PM GMT
wonderful macro Chris, love the soft colors and the blurring it is given that something dreamy:o)
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laughter is the best medicine.
01/22/07 7:58 PM GMT
Sooo... you got fed up with your mother in law, and desided to search the room for objects to shoot, good thinking !! at least it gets you away from all the nagging.
If you hide your head behind a camera, at least people stop to start serious discussions hey ! :-) At least, we man do understand eachother hahaha

PS please don't let Sabine read this reply otherwise i am in BIG trouble 8~0

Oh about the image, it is a 10/10 score in my book, well done.
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01/22/07 9:01 PM GMT
Excellent! I love the way the yellows subtly blend into the greens. Great image. Next time shoot your mother-in-law? LOL
Cheers! Ray.
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01/22/07 9:40 PM GMT
Gorgeous ChrisYour post just seem to get better and better my friend. Sandi
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Are we thinking spring yet?.
01/22/07 9:46 PM GMT
great macro with lovely soft yellow and a blurring dreamy edge, well done my friend
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01/22/07 11:25 PM GMT
I stopped in this morning and just had time to grab this image for my DT. Had to come back and tell you how much I've enjoyed it all day. The softness of the petals, the beautiful natural light... superb! Prettiest begonia in my personal flower collection. Thanks, Chris!
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01/23/07 12:19 AM GMT
Just great Chris, the flowers are bright and cheerful and the softness adds to their charm. I'm sure your in-laws like the picture too.
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01/27/07 10:06 PM GMT
Wow this is beautiful, gorgeous flower, fantastic photo, onto my desktop and into my favs
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01/31/07 6:48 AM GMT
This came up on the front page and caught my eye. This is simply gorgeous. The gentle texture and flowing lines and folds are super. What a capture. It's a keeper.
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02/24/07 3:05 AM GMT
Very pretty! So simple, yet so beautiful. I really like the lighting. Diane
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03/30/07 12:32 AM GMT
Hi Chris...this is the most precious delicate photo...its absolutely magnificient! So sweet and the colour is the perfect took a most special photo here!..It will be on my desktop for a week now...Verena
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08/02/07 11:19 PM GMT
A wonderful photo...

Kind regards,


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10/18/08 11:55 PM GMT
Glad you did not fall off, this is a stunner. Faved and saved. Thanks Chris.
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08/06/09 9:50 PM GMT
SO Beautiful, my friend.. I Faved it!
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The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen, nor touched ... but are felt in the heart.
03/17/10 3:45 PM GMT
Beautiful photo, gorgeous flower !!
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