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Uploaded: 03/06/07 6:45 AM GMT
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Status: active

This little Island was right opposite of our holiday residence of Orebić


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03/06/07 8:14 AM GMT
I see you took at right time to make it have that magical glow,,elegant and like the simplicity very much.Alain
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03/06/07 8:16 AM GMT
Location??? Adriatic??
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03/06/07 9:38 AM GMT
well look at that, i wish i lived right there, thats my island! lol! lovely shot, Id like to know where it is too!
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03/06/07 12:11 AM GMT
Wow just sitting out there and so pretty.
What body of water is this Chris. This makes for a lovely desktop. Hmmmm I probably don't have enough money to buy it for my summer getaway! Lol! <> sandi
I checked it out its the Adriatic Sea.
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Are we thinking spring yet?.
03/06/07 12:55 AM GMT
Terrific capture Chris and I especially like the 'glow' coming from it. Looks like a great place for a 'holiday hideaway' :) Very well done. Thanks for this one.
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Please know that I enjoy your work even though I don't always get to comment. I try to look at (and enjoy) all your new posts and always appreciate the time you take to stop in at my gallery as well. Have a happy day ;) Anita
03/06/07 1:05 PM GMT
Wonderful sight - the island appears to float somewhere beterrn the water and the sky. The glow you have captured is lovely.
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03/06/07 1:11 PM GMT
I'll take it:) looks very tranquil and beautiful Chris, nice capture
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03/06/07 1:29 PM GMT
Nice lighting on this. The warm glowing gold light on the buildings contrasts nicely with the silvery sky and sea. It looks like the island is floating in space.
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03/06/07 3:03 PM GMT
Looks almost a lovely dream island:)) very beautiful shot my friend
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03/06/07 5:44 PM GMT
is it for SALE... because I will be the buyer then:)) lol very lovely and so beautiful taken with that light, well done my friend
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laughter is the best medicine.
03/06/07 7:32 PM GMT
How lovely indeed. The sky looks like thunder is coming ! time to get out of the water then !
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03/06/07 11:21 PM GMT
because the color of the sky and the color of the water are so close in hue, at first I thought that it looked as if it were unusual and not an unpleasant effect, Chris.


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"You owe it to us all to get on with what you're good at." W.H. AUDEN (1907-1973)
03/06/07 11:31 PM GMT
there is an island far away, they call the promised land! ....this might well be it chris - isolated and beautiful and all aglow in the late afternoon sun!
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