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I removed the subway graffiti shot and replace it with this one.
Thanks to all who view and comment!


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12/23/07 1:34 AM GMT
It's a shame they feel they have to deface everything but your image is a good and clear capture of it.
♥ Sandi♥
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12/23/07 4:38 AM GMT
Agree with Sandi's comment above Chris as it's fuly in line with my comment on your previous (and deleted) graffiti image. One doesn't have simply the right to spoil public or other ones properties.
Regards, Cornelius
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Cornelius was here! (lol) Click HERE to see his work!
12/23/07 4:02 PM GMT
well if the graffiti is looking good I don't mind that they spoil an ugly wall with that kind of art.....

colorful shot Chris
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12/23/07 4:31 PM GMT
Oh a shame you did redraw the subway image, since i liked that one a lot. But i also like the bright colors used here. Overhere, Radio FM 4 is a classical channel :-)
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12/26/07 2:51 PM GMT
It's a good shot with bright colors!
I don't mind if they make some nice graffiti art on ugly walls, but I don't like this kind of graffiti.
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12/26/07 9:13 PM GMT
cool, i quite like graffiti if its in the right place i have to say! that seems a good place.... hehehe.
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01/02/08 12:37 AM GMT
Home is where the scrawl is! (LOL) Great urban presentation...Into the favs...Good luck!
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01/02/08 3:26 PM GMT
This isn't graffiti, it's tagging and gang related. It's like a dog marking a tree: claiming territory. Nor is graffiti respected, it's tagged to oblivion. Some of the graffiti used to be pretty creative and some went on to be recognized artists. I like (and miss) the real stuff.
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01/27/08 2:13 PM GMT
I really like this picture! Funny how graffitti can be turned in to art! Nice composition too.

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02/07/08 11:59 AM GMT
Excellent! A great example of Urban art! Best of luck in contest!
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06/03/08 10:54 PM GMT
I love this pic actually ...very much so. I don't really agree with most of the comments on here about graffiti..... Art is not a crime. And maybe u like looking at gray, white and blah walls...but I would much rather look at this..there is something behind it. U may not understand it but it's there. Also tagging is not all gang related...u gotta get ur facts right. Some "taggers" are called "Writers". But maybe I just appreciate ALL art and I'm not close minded. Now that I have ranted....LOVE the pic ;]
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