Wheelie-Bin Spider  

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Uploaded: 09/05/08 11:25 AM GMT
Wheelie-Bin Spider
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This little lovely had made its home between our grey (recycling ) and our brown (garden waste) wheelie-bins.


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09/05/08 11:40 AM GMT
Nice shot of that little creepy crawly. I never see spiders like that here. Just brown all over ones.

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09/05/08 11:59 AM GMT
Good shot of this creepy crawler. Like the web capture too. I have two of these guys on either side of my back porch. I have a shot of one of them but have not posted it yet.
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09/05/08 12:11 AM GMT
hes cute, if spiders can be cute hehe. i love the link to the wheelie bin, thats quite amusing! lol
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09/05/08 12:47 AM GMT
My garden is full with them creepy little crawlers...
Excellent close up shot with good details!
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09/05/08 3:10 PM GMT
great and very interesting macro! excellent job :)
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09/05/08 4:52 PM GMT
Very good view of the spider,the photo is nice.
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09/05/08 10:24 PM GMT
This is a beautiful image and nice photography. Well done.
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09/06/08 1:12 AM GMT
I went to the wheelie-bin site and it was mostly trash talking. The spider could be put in one of those and it wouldn't bother me. Nice post with the web. Spider spelled backwards is Redips. I think that name fits them better. Good post.

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09/06/08 4:30 AM GMT
It figures. Leave it to the Britts to call a garbage can a wheelie bin. (dear, dear). Dumb spider. he does not know where to build a structure that won't get pulled apart when the "wheelie bins" get picked up. pretty spider, however.
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09/06/08 9:36 AM GMT
Look at that belly - I hope it's not full of eggs. Great markings Steve and you caught a lot of detail. As for Momma's comment, I think she'd be even worse if she knew they're actually Euro bins and that there's a Europe-wide shortage because we can't make them ourselves. At least the spider's trying to stop them getting stolen!
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09/08/08 2:57 PM GMT
Glad it was in your wheelie bin and not mine!!!! Great capture of this wee creature!!
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