The Nosey Parker  

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Uploaded: 09/06/08 4:18 PM GMT
The Nosey Parker
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Molly has to know what's going on outside our house.


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09/06/08 5:48 PM GMT
So typical of of cats and I love the capture. my cats are always looking out the windows or screen door. Nice one my friend. sandi♥
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09/06/08 6:32 PM GMT
She looks good in white lace! Such a familiar sight, especially when they are indoor cats, always looking out. I like the crop you did on this.
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"Take it upon yourselves to be more forthright in your comments"* *Les (&purmusic)
09/06/08 8:56 PM GMT
I like this one.Beautiful shot!
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09/07/08 12:27 AM GMT
Nice view of the cat looking out,the photo is lovely.
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09/07/08 12:35 AM GMT
Probably a dog in it's territory. Molly doesn't look too happy about it, either. Nice shot.

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09/07/08 7:29 PM GMT
ha ha so Molly is a curtain twitcher eh. She could be your neighbourhood watch co-ordinator. Nice leaded windows there too.
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09/07/08 11:20 PM GMT
So cute!Great work
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09/07/08 11:54 PM GMT
I shouldn't bother going out unless you really need to Molly it's probably still raining. :o(

A cute, & slightly unusual shot Mr Braces
Well done. :o)
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Big brother's watching you :o) A mistreated dog should try to leave a deposit on their masters best carpet, after all it's important to establish who's boss ... Welcome to the last resort. :o)
09/08/08 12:44 AM GMT
Love it mate, just love it......
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09/08/08 1:35 AM GMT
She is looking at that poor dog looking for some food. She has it made and she is flaunting her status. Cats do that. Good post Steve.

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09/08/08 4:26 AM GMT
Something tells me that is what Muggsy looks like when he gets up in the morning (hope he sees this). Love the kitty.
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09/08/08 4:44 AM GMT
Grumpy-lookin' kitty! Maybe he hasn't had the feline equivalent of a morning cup of coffee...
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09/08/08 3:14 PM GMT
This is Molly the Wing commander probably watching those feathered friends of hers!!! Nice shot you have here!
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09/08/08 7:39 PM GMT
Classic Steve, that's one moody look. And all the nets make her look, well, so northern!
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09/09/08 12:35 AM GMT
heheh shes a sweetie, i dont blame her for looking out of the window before she sets foot outside... usually its better indoors, the people she owns will have food and cuddles for her.
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09/09/08 1:06 PM GMT
Wonderful and cute shot! That's where I can find my own cats too...
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10/22/08 7:56 PM GMT
This is typical of my girls also, cats sure are funny characters and such personalities. Love the look of her looking through the window. I might post one of my girls watching my husband & I having some wine outside.
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