Prairie Landscape  

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Uploaded: 08/17/04 7:43 AM GMT
Prairie Landscape
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The simple yet magnificent landscape of the Canadian Prairie.


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08/17/04 8:46 AM GMT
Beautiful landscape. High marks.
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08/17/04 10:00 AM GMT
Argee, nice composition, nice contrast..
Great work!
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08/17/04 5:20 PM GMT
beautiful. geez
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08/17/04 6:54 PM GMT
Very beautiful, the old shack really adds to the feel of the picture. Nice colors. Great capture :)
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08/17/04 7:33 PM GMT
Shadows and sun, nature and unnatreal decay. Nice combination, but is there any way to get rid of those black borders?
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08/17/04 11:07 PM GMT
Yeah i was wondering what was up with the lil borders...this capture doesn't need that let it be wide open :)..reminds me of a cover of a magazine down here call "Georgia Life"
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A.K.A. "Champ"
08/18/04 12:09 AM GMT
The borders aren't the greatest, however, the reason they are there is that I felt that cropping the sides to make it fit nicely on the screen limited the "field of view" too much. It lost the ability to convey the expansiveness of the landscape.
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08/27/04 8:16 AM GMT
Peaceful image! Nice shadowline and very nice colours! Well Done!
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11/19/04 7:00 AM GMT
very nice landscape. this photo is well composed and use of shadows is excellent.
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03/17/05 8:24 AM GMT
Very pretty landscape. It looks so lush and green. Nice photo. :) Nice to meet you too by-the-way. Sarah
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06/07/05 3:45 PM GMT
Nice shades of yellow and black,great work
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07/13/05 6:39 AM GMT
Great photo. Love the colours, and the subject. Was there a cloud creeping up behind you by any slight chance?
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