Embossed Watermarks  

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Uploaded: 04/06/05 5:19 AM GMT
Embossed Watermarks
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Tutorial on how to create a simple embossed watermark.


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04/06/05 5:41 AM GMT
Very clean, well layed out tutorial Will. Great photo!
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04/06/05 9:13 AM GMT
Exellent. I've played with signatures, didn't like them. Great action shot too.
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04/06/05 11:27 AM GMT
Thanks, I can use this.
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04/06/05 12:35 AM GMT
Clear and easy to follow, you did a good job. Thank you. The photo is impressive too.
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04/06/05 2:14 PM GMT
You've done a nice job explaining. Kudos. :)
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04/06/05 4:03 PM GMT
Excellent tutorial. Many thanks.
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04/10/05 12:43 AM GMT
i agree with Darryl.. very well presented, clean tutorial.. great job..

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04/11/05 12:05 AM GMT
I agree good work
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04/11/05 6:03 AM GMT
Yup, it teaches very clearly.
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04/11/05 11:33 PM GMT
Thank you
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04/14/05 1:03 PM GMT
Very nice lesson. Bravo :-)
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04/14/05 9:12 PM GMT
As previously stated, I will have to step up and agree- It IS clean. Not only that, but it works quite well as a wallpaper. A very well done image and excellent accomplishment.
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05/09/05 9:38 AM GMT
Thank you very much.
This will be very helpfull to many people, myself included.
Great job!
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08/14/05 8:07 PM GMT
great tutorial. i will found it very helpful.
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08/30/05 6:23 PM GMT
Will thanks, a good teacher.
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11/14/05 8:34 AM GMT
Dear Will,
That was really useful and user-friendly. I wholeheartedly appreciate that. HOUMAN
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02/16/07 1:16 PM GMT
Yes, cause everyone loves those lovely watermarks. Just kidding, that is a great tutorial
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06/10/07 7:40 AM GMT
This tut rocks, now I can sign each and ever photo :) haha thank you very much
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