Open and Shut  

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Uploaded: 12/26/10 1:10 PM GMT
Open and Shut
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Open and Shut


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12/26/10 1:21 PM GMT
Outstanding work John, amazing! Tigs♥ =^..^=

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Nature in all her glory is my uplift on life and so is my love of photography. sandi ♪ ♫
12/26/10 1:22 PM GMT
Same name I give to wor-lass...cos of her gob!! ~Sniggers!~

Red Hot work here pal...
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* A picture is the expression of an impression * .. .. OwdBob'sGallery
12/26/10 3:24 PM GMT
Another spectacular piece of work, John! Once again, very dramatic and powerful. Love the choice of colors.

- Steve
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12/26/10 3:32 PM GMT
Art of unexpected. :) Very nice effect and intriguing result. The expected here is a vertical view but this is horizontal. Very good and artistic work my friend.

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Be free - use Linux
12/26/10 4:48 PM GMT
Well she's hotter (brighter red) in the open eyed phase and the lines add tension to her appearance. Interesting concept, John. Perhaps the eyes shut part represents her subconscious or her nafs?
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12/26/10 5:03 PM GMT
Open and Shut Case (chaser)

You niche just keeps improving. I believe this is headed for the perms Shads.


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Cameras are like people--sometimes they lose focus.
12/26/10 5:30 PM GMT
Awesome and outstanding John!
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12/26/10 8:26 PM GMT
Looks like a g-g-g-g-g-g-g-g-great composition...Nice job...Faved!
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"Put up...or SHUT UP!" Visit Jhihmoac's Gallery
12/26/10 8:54 PM GMT
You made me do it... checked my folders... 24 other works of yours must be on a par with this one! It, too, is now in my screensaver folder. :o)
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12/26/10 9:54 PM GMT
The life.A Fabulous work,John.Love it
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12/27/10 1:15 AM GMT
Why am I having visions of Rod Serling? Very nice work, John.
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12/27/10 7:11 AM GMT
A most unusual presentation of your work. Great job with this image John. Very nicely done.
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Art is a collaboration between God and the artist, and the less the artist does the better. - Andre Gide
12/27/10 8:49 PM GMT

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The reason why the sunsets in the evening is because it wants to see the sunrise in the morning. I rise in the morning because I want to see them both. RvdB
12/31/10 5:18 PM GMT
This series is a real success for sure, I like the colors and the composition, you've got a real sens of creation my friend. Congratulations.

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04/04/11 5:17 PM GMT
sometimes you create an image of what i can collaborate as what I feel like sometimes, in a ironic and sad beautiful way. recent quote from "The Black Swan" that I took a liking to:

"Because everything [she] does comes from within. From some dark impulse. I guess that’s what makes her so thrilling to watch. So dangerous. Even perfect at times, but also so damn destructive."

this verse goes better with "masks" image i commented on but ah well you're getting it here
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how can one use letters, words or prose against its own institution? is it not to say that this accepted alphabet can portray intolerable thoughts against itself; the reflection of these words represent the meaning of ones mindless inquiry, generalizing became this text. . .read the marks behind a letter of assurance/ freedom is jailed within. . ." _ EaB

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