Ansel Adams Black and White Photo Technique  

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Ansel Adams Black and White Photo Technique
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Before I say another word, I must confess that I got this technique from a brief article in Make Magazine. That said, its a brilliant and very simple process for converting vibrant, dynamic color photos into stunning black and whites that look very much like the stellar work of Ansel Adams. Don't hesitate to get in touch with me if you have any questions! Best of luck, and happy manipulating!


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06/10/08 6:30 PM GMT
thanks so much for sharing this!
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06/12/08 3:48 PM GMT
Thanks for sharing. :)
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06/13/08 4:24 AM GMT
Thank you for sharing the technique!
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06/15/08 9:28 AM GMT
nice job :-)
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06/15/08 7:39 PM GMT
thanks for sharing with us
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06/15/08 8:27 PM GMT
Thanks for Sharing,I gave it a try,and really liked the end result.
Cheer's Brian.
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07/17/08 10:57 AM GMT
Nice tutorial, i love B&W, so i will be using this often :)
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