Pilchuck Scree  

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Uploaded: 11/24/08 5:53 AM GMT
Pilchuck Scree
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A break in the trees along the Summit #3 trail to the peak of Mount Pilchuck, WA afforded me this glorious view. I was stunned...can't really take any credit for it...I just got lucky and was in the right place at the right time!


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11/24/08 6:07 AM GMT
i like it!
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11/24/08 6:09 AM GMT
I - LOVE - IT! Thank you for sharing. :) They look like cream from afar.
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11/24/08 7:27 AM GMT
right place at the right time...but you had the eye to compose this lovely photo of light and shadow and soft colors. Just beautiful...
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11/24/08 6:58 PM GMT
Beautiful shot!
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11/25/08 4:00 AM GMT
I love Nature at its best and this one really shows it off, great job! It's not that cold here yet and I hope it stays away a little while longer.
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11/25/08 4:42 AM GMT
OMG...this is amazing work. It's like a cold picture with a warm heart. It's saved in my Caedes' file and I'm enjoying it on my desktop. I sure hope I get it in the voting booth.

Just terrific all the way around.

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11/25/08 11:38 PM GMT
Faved! Wondrous view.
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11/28/08 5:26 PM GMT
very pretty!
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11/30/08 5:49 AM GMT
It is a really good photo,the snow,trees and blue sky are very nice.
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11/30/08 9:46 AM GMT
Stunning picture. Thanks for sharing it with us.
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12/01/08 7:31 PM GMT
great! i love it when the snow falls into those curse.
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12/17/08 8:30 PM GMT
It's incredible .. like something out of a disney movie. Love it.
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Regards David Being part of a community brings out the best in people.
12/31/08 12:05 AM GMT
O_O Tis GORGEOUS! Do u LIVE near there??? LUV it!
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01/03/09 4:27 PM GMT
Wowww..beautiful snow! Mich.
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01/17/09 8:49 PM GMT
You certainly were in the right place at the right time, and aren't we fortunate to be granted those opportunities! It was your talent to recognize the beauty of this and take the shot. Great work!!

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02/28/09 5:03 AM GMT
Beautiful... I just added this to my faves. The snow is perfectly placed on the rocks to make them seem like marshmallows. Gorgeous shot!

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10/23/09 6:35 PM GMT
Wonderful. So sharp and great depth of colour. Perfect framing of an amazing landscape. 10/10.
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Hard work never killed anybody, but why take a chance?
03/25/12 3:07 AM GMT
A scene that took my breath away. Excellant capture.
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