Beauty in Decay  

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Uploaded: 02/25/10 10:54 PM GMT
Beauty in Decay
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A variation on a previous posting. Vue 8 with no touchups.


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02/26/10 1:24 AM GMT
Chris... this is some kinda beautiful! Nice work! Good luck in the judging! To date, this is the only image from this contest that found its way over here! But that doesn't mean much! :o)
Eight more days to go for me to try to get a shot worthy of being posted! :o)
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02/26/10 2:29 AM GMT
Really nice :)
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02/26/10 11:03 AM GMT
The lighting is very effective in this, almost dividing the picture into thirds. The columns standing amongst the vegetation makes for a wonderful composition. Chris, good luck in the contest. I think you have an excellent entry. ~~ John
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02/26/10 2:15 PM GMT
A truly awesome shot for the contest, wow this is nice!!

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“Won't you come into the garden? I would like my roses to see you” - Richard Brinsley Sheridan
02/26/10 3:53 PM GMT
.¤ª"˜-»¦«- -»¦«˜"ª¤. nice work.¤ª"˜-»¦«- -»¦«˜"ª¤.

Good Luck:)
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every day is a gift......that's why it's called the present!!
02/26/10 4:02 PM GMT
Lovely.. You are a master dear... Good luck
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( This message is posted from Gods Own Country,Kerala,India )
02/26/10 5:34 PM GMT
Fantastic! Great piece of work! BoL
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Life is Sweet! (Terms & conditions apply)
02/27/10 6:20 AM GMT
a beauty!
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02/28/10 1:13 PM GMT
I'm disappointed. It looks so real. I wondered where it was located. Good work with lighting, scenery and a peaceful setting.
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03/02/10 7:58 PM GMT
Excellent shadow effects, coloring is amazing, fantastic work here friend.
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Everything has its beauty but not everyone sees it. -Confucius
03/03/10 6:10 AM GMT
Absolutely a stunner!!
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03/03/10 11:33 PM GMT
A stunning piece of work. If I had one, it would certainly get my vote.
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03/20/10 3:41 AM GMT
Wow love the lighting and the mysterious ruins. If you want to play with some of the lighting and can afford the extra render time I would use radiosity lighting. Then turn down the ambient light a bit to really bring the ruins out with the V light and add a few more reqular area lights and point lights to keep the rest of the scene somewhat illuminted.
Great work as it is, it's just something I might give a go at and see what happened.
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I am going to clean out my Caedes portfolio a bit per-caedes input system. If you see an image you like and it is not on here give me a holler.
03/20/10 6:22 PM GMT
Amazing piece of art, very creative, well done
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07/25/10 3:44 AM GMT
Chris, this is fantastic really love what you've done here great job.
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08/01/10 1:14 AM GMT
Seeing how I have been returning to this to use as my desktop from time to time , I thought it high time to comment..This is excellent !!
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03/21/11 9:04 PM GMT
What for nice scenery! Looks like ruines of a lost, ancient city! I like it really much!
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05/18/11 10:46 PM GMT
this is beautiful!
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