Medieval Townhall  

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Medieval Townhall
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The construction of this town hall of Middelburg, Zeeland, The Netherlands began in 1452 and lasted until 1520 (!) It would be a combination of city hall, meat market, and cloth hall. This combination of features was very common in the medieval years. The town hall has a facade with Gothic windows (late Gothic style), red and white shutters, turrets and twenty-five sculptures of Zeeland counts and countesses of that time. It has a tower with a clock and a carillon. The former meat market in the town hall nowadays is used as a exhibition space for contemporary art. The town hall burned out inside completely in 1940 (as the result of WWII bombing). Old paintings and parchment documents were lost, only the outside survived the disaster. The reconstruction started in 1945 and was finished in 1950. The town hall was used as a town hall until 2004. Since 2004, the Roosevelt Academy (university) is partly located in the town hall. Furthermore the town hall is used now for wedding ceremonies in the wedding hall on the ground floor, and on the first floor official receptions for citizens take place.

This B&W image is my weekly entry for the Wednesday B&W challenge.


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11/02/15 12:42 AM GMT
I love your take on this beautiful building, Mr. C. It looks fantastic in black and white, too. 98 years of construction makes me wonder if some of the later builders had to be reminded what they were building. LOL. Too bad it was burned out during WW2, but I bet it is gorgeous again on the inside. Excellent shot for the black and white challenge.
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11/02/15 1:36 PM GMT
WWII caused a lot of major damage and past treasures were lost forever!...Only the dedication of everyday folks have made these places worth seeing again!

great use of Mono, with excellent details!...and a doozy for the B&W challenge..(also the B&W contest too)
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11/02/15 2:15 PM GMT
You have beautifully captured this magnificent structure in this B&W image. A good choice for the challenge or the contest. Best of luck. I was looking at this place in Street View and noticed a bronze statue with 2 chairs and a pedestal with some kind of building. What is it's story? I also like that bicycles are used for transportation. I'd love to ride around that area.
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11/02/15 2:40 PM GMT
That has to be the fanciest structure I have ever seen. i hope nothing more happens to it. Great capture.
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11/02/15 3:11 PM GMT
An elaborate and gorgeous structure, Mr. C. This is a beautiful photo of its facade. A sad story during the War, but it is nice that it is still standing and being used today.
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11/02/15 3:13 PM GMT
Russ, this by you called 'bronze statue with 2 chairs and a pedestal with some kind of building' is 'just' a contemporary art object, designed by the artist duo Emilia and Ilya Kabakov. It can be found at the Middelburg marketplace just in front of the Townhall. It's called 'The Fountain". 'The Fountain', seems to be a somewhat strange name for this art object, but it isn't: it has two seats on either side of a base. On the base, a miniature of the Middelburg marketplace with its Townhall can be seen. Under the base are two peepholes with this text below: "Take a look at drainage system of Middelburg." To do this, one has to sit on a chair. Once when one has taken a seat, water is flowing beneath the chair. This of course provides the necessary hilarity among the bystanders.
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11/02/15 4:36 PM GMT
Excellent narrative history of this most historic building Mr. C. - and the B&W has brought out many great details - would excellent in the contest as well as the BWC.
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11/02/15 5:19 PM GMT
Looks very good in b/w Cornelius. Clear details and textures in this image. Good information too. Makes a fine entry for the challenge or the current contest.
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11/02/15 5:45 PM GMT
Really nice B&W photo. Great back story.🤓
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11/02/15 5:50 PM GMT
This amazing and beautiful architecture shows interesting character with your B/W treatment, Cornelius. I'm certain that the laborers who finished the original construction would be most proud to see her still standing in all her glory. A fine entry for LE's BWC and the current contest.
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11/02/15 6:52 PM GMT
Lovely B& W photography with outstanding detail and your compstion is superb. I love how you can see down the road at the right Plus the detail in the architecture is amazing and so sharp from top to bottom.Also I like how you have the two trees that make a great frame work for this building too.10/10
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11/02/15 7:08 PM GMT
Mr. C. this has such good clarity, and detail, and perfect composition, it would be a good contest entry as well.
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Nature in all her glory is my uplift on life and so is my love of photography. sandi ♪ ♫
11/02/15 8:36 PM GMT
Super shot Cornelius lovely B/W well captured.
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11/03/15 12:10 AM GMT
This is one fine building for just about anything , great image..
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11/03/15 2:34 AM GMT
They sure don't build 'em like that anymore...

Nice one...Faved...
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11/03/15 10:21 AM GMT
Fabulous detail captured in this amazing building Cornelius. I enjoyed reading about it too.

Added to my list for Wendesday's B & W Challenge - thank you !
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11/03/15 2:12 PM GMT
You did such a great job detailing the history of this majestic building. What a great use of B/W as well, it really brings out the details. And as mentioned, it is a real shame about the bombing during WWII not just there but thoughout much of Europe. Many treasures were lost.
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11/04/15 4:04 AM GMT
Wow, the detail and work in this magnificent town hall you've captured it perfectly. You always give a wonderful history lesson. Thanks for this gorgeous B/W - would love to see this in colour
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11/05/15 11:58 AM GMT
A sight to see. B/W fits perfectly to this gorgeous structure. Good shot Mr.C.
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11/08/15 11:28 PM GMT
Didn't I see this in Lego Land (Windsor)? :)
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