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Uploaded: 12/08/05 7:38 PM GMT
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Cute little sparrow... snapped today with my new camera (Sony H1). Gotta love that 12xzoom :D


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12/08/05 7:56 PM GMT
Really beautiful image....background colours are perfect for the subject which is nice and crisp and in such a characteristic pose....can only be a 10!
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12/08/05 8:02 PM GMT
Lovely capture. The focusing and composition is excellent and the dark backrground really make the detail in the feathers stand out. It's a shame it's looking the other way, you'll have to work on your bird imitations to get it's attention to turn around:)
High marks from me.

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12/08/05 8:20 PM GMT
Well... I tried to get it's attention but I only spoked the birdie off... and it flew away. I didn't even got a chance for a second shot. Guess that means that I'll definitely have to work on my approach. LOL Thanks for your comments! :D
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12/08/05 8:29 PM GMT
Congrats on the new are off to a fantastic start with it...this is and good detail and great color...the fact that his back is partially turned perhaps a plus as we get to see his fine markings...very well, on your approach...ssshhhhhh, lol.:Pat.
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I used to be Snow White, but I drifted
12/08/05 8:33 PM GMT
I've definitely got to tell Santa to get me a camera like that for Christmas. It looks as though I could reach out and touch it. Very nice photo- into my favs. :)
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12/08/05 11:09 PM GMT
Great shot.. very nice and clear, good colour, lighting and composition... very well done
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12/08/05 11:35 PM GMT
Perfect focus on a difficult subject. Nice work - and composition.
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12/08/05 11:36 PM GMT
Am stunned with the quality of this image and its beauty. That is all.
Oh, my first 10/10 today BTW ...
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With all my love and respect, Marzena
12/08/05 11:55 PM GMT
Excellent bird capture. Amazing feather detail and great natural setting.
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12/09/05 10:20 AM GMT
Awesome angle...different=really works! Super sharp detail. More, more, more!!!
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Picture Purrrfect
12/11/05 8:34 AM GMT
What a nice composition, super!
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If you can't find the words, you may as well shoot it...
12/16/05 4:18 PM GMT
Wow! Beautifull picture.
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12/17/05 9:58 PM GMT
Super sharp image, wonderful capture!
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12/28/05 10:04 PM GMT
Amazing pic ; your focus and dof are perfect ; into fav.
(Far better than my great tit btw )
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have a nice day and read more fantasy. my images
12/29/05 12:04 AM GMT
Thanks you all for your nice comments!!!

... and Kristof, thanks (at least you have a pic of great tit and so far I have none LOL ...but I'm working on it ;)
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01/01/06 4:18 PM GMT
You can see the cold in the way he's fluffed up for warmth. That's a nice camera and all but I think it's more about what the user composes, and this is lovely and full of interest.
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01/28/06 6:33 AM GMT
Superb picture, one of the few bird pictures that actually grabbed me, 10/10
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02/14/06 6:01 PM GMT
Excellent shot. You caught the bird just right. Just about every bird I see is shot head on on full side view. This is different but still good. Love the details in those feathers.
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03/12/06 10:31 PM GMT
Perfect shot, clear, and detailed, 10/10 Nice work.
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Andy S.
03/19/06 6:36 PM GMT
Very nice shot clear, well composed.
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03/20/06 10:21 PM GMT
Notice how well the brown, woodsy color tones are blending so well in this photo! Enjoyable to view!
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04/11/06 2:30 AM GMT
Wonderful shot of a lovely sparrow. The browns work well with the bird. The texture of the feathers is something you can almost feel. Stunning job!
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11/13/06 2:44 PM GMT
His eye is on the sparrow - amazing capture with wonderful detail!
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12/02/06 1:49 AM GMT
I really like sweet little birdies like this one. Thanks for sharing!
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01/30/07 1:11 AM GMT
Great capture of this cute little bird! I also have a Sony H1 camera. I like it a lot. I'm getting ready to take it with me on a trip to Greece in a few weeks.
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03/16/07 11:37 AM GMT
Hi Katarina,
I donít know what you do for living, but whit the quality of this picture, if your not a professional photographer you mist a point, great great shot , rarely but this one 10/10.
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02/01/08 11:14 PM GMT
Can this bird fly he sure is a fatty,Too many birdtables in Serbia i think..Nice bird shot..Richie.
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Cheap thrills are always expensive.
10/05/11 12:02 AM GMT
He's so chubby and cute! What an absolutely beautiful capture. The boughs behind him make a perfect background and bring out his lovely brown coloring. Bravo!
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