Icy River  

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Uploaded: 01/24/06 2:34 AM GMT
Icy River
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sorry i couldnt come up with a better name, i find the ice floating lazily in the eddie during this 4 min exposure looks neat, do you like the colours?


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01/24/06 3:24 AM GMT
Great shot! Great clarity...great scene also, what are those lines in the sky? and yes I like the colors :)
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01/24/06 4:00 AM GMT
Did I read that right? A 4 minute exposure?

Wow. Ok, thanks to Andrew above, I suppose I did.

Still wow. Annnd ... this may be the power of suggestion at work, but, visually, I think the image would be made all the more interesting if you could have captured more of the shifting stars in the sky.

As it stands, it is a nice tranquil piece. Good technical chops, as usual. It's quite a beautiful composition in it's simplicity. Now, I am curious as to the time of day that this was taekn at. And also curious as to how the scene would be different if it was a day shot. Just thinking out loud.

Nice work.
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01/24/06 4:09 AM GMT
well if it were a day shot, there would be no stars, the river would look quite choppy, there would be very high contrast between the sky and ground, and the ice wouldnt be there (neither would the snow right now ;) ) im sorry i didnt make longer star trails, however i didnt have the patience (i couldve made them 4-8 times longer) although that would have meant making them 4-8 times less bright which couldnt be afforded, also i think i would be frostbitten, so it wasnt worth it. hope you enjoy what i did get
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01/24/06 6:29 AM GMT
Well, for my 2 cents...

I am always amazed by the quality and consistency of your photographic expertise. As usual, great image you have captured. As for this being a 4 minute exposure, I never realized untill now, just how fast the stars do go by, to get the length of trail that you did get.

In sumation, I have another piece with which to clutter my favorites folder (Oooo... yoooou... grumble... hehe) as well as something to wow the people walking by my desk at work. High marks.. *bow*
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01/24/06 6:48 AM GMT
excellent! awesome night photography. you have some amazing shots in your gallery.
10/10, favs
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01/24/06 11:14 AM GMT
Is that snow or are they stars? in the sky? I love the depth of the water, so clear that you can see the rocks underneath. And the colours in this photo are just amazing. SO soft and so dramatic.And to have just a touch of the sunset//sunrise showing like that is wonderful. I really like this photo, its definitely very beautiful...verena
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01/24/06 6:53 PM GMT
These long exposure shots you're doing are phenomenal. Great job.
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01/24/06 8:51 PM GMT
Those 'lines' in the sky must be stars, coz' if you had a setting of 4 mins, you would a slight rotation of the earth! I right!..However, this is a stunning capture, and all credit to you for having the patience to stand there in this fffrreezzzing cold, to let us see this!
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01/28/06 5:23 PM GMT
A most beautiful and atmospheric capture! The deep dark colors with splashes of white really set this off! Love it and top vote!
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02/01/06 5:58 PM GMT
Four minutes and exposed so well. That's incredible.
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02/09/06 3:44 AM GMT
I never seen a picture quite like this one with such a long exposure time. You turned the stars into meteors. Very cool!
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02/16/06 12:41 AM GMT
I love the moving water shots, so I believe you did a great job with this one.
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02/25/06 4:06 PM GMT
FOUR minutes, wow. Great shot even if you were cold. Definitely not hand held. Good job, now for your next one.
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05/06/06 3:01 AM GMT
WOW! amazing colors, and clarity, 4min exposure! I wish i had a camera like that....
Great gallery you have, BTW.
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06/28/06 4:21 AM GMT
So Beautiful Scene..and a Superb Capture with Wonderful Colors..Excellent
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07/28/06 10:23 PM GMT
I recognize your handiwork after seeing your open-shutter beauties. How do you manage to keep out the heavy grain so often present in long exposures?
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11/01/07 3:23 PM GMT
4 Minutes!!!!
Absolutely a breath taking shot my friend!!

Gotta Fav that puppy!
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