winter river  

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Uploaded: 01/10/06 6:12 PM GMT
winter river
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It was getting dark but still the red glow in the clouds made the scenery worth taking a photo...


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01/10/06 6:42 PM GMT
Aaaah Ewa....this is a wonderful picture..really post card style.....It is so peaceful looking, although it looks very cold!...Just the kind of place I would love to ramble....a little more red glow in that sky, probalby would have the trees in a bit of a shadow!....this is very effective and I love it...
thank you for letting us view it...........Bob
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01/10/06 6:43 PM GMT
nice capture Ewa, I like the soft color of the sky, and the depth view looks very interesting, wonder where it goes?...the lighting is very quiet clear and atmospheric. good shot. my new image "roots or traces"
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01/10/06 7:11 PM GMT
Well, you certainly did a fantastic (note, that is not a word I use allot) job! I love the bit of orange the evening sunset creates through the clouds, very lovely shot!
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01/10/06 8:17 PM GMT
nice image! i like the detail of the overall image.
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01/10/06 10:44 PM GMT
Another great winter day in Poland!!!
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01/12/06 1:57 PM GMT
YEH another one! It is so beatiful like the rest. You are so talented! I luv the red through the clouds too, it is very pretty!
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01/12/06 2:29 PM GMT
Another very nice capture of a typical winter scenery. A great composition and a nice angle and viewing perspective, I love how you lead the eye of the viewer through your picture. The color and contrast balance works very well here, good job on the lighting. Even without your description it is obvious that this picture was taken on the late afternoon, tres bien !!!
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01/16/06 7:13 PM GMT
This is a stunning image. Lovely overall view that you have given us here. Great display of color left in the clouds against the darkening evening. Fantastic picture here. Love it!
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01/17/07 2:48 PM GMT
The soft morning colors are absolutely gorgeous. Almost makes it worth walking out in the cold, huh? :) Have a wonderful day, my friend.
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