Blues Collection Guitar  

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Uploaded: 06/08/09 9:19 AM GMT
Blues Collection Guitar
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This photograph is the third of four photos called The Blues Collection and originally published by Verkerke Productions. The photo is made in the mid '90 and taken on film and not digital edit. Specifications: Sinar 7" x 5", Kodak film process E6, Scheider 240mm, Broncolor I hope you like it as much as the earlier posted from this serie. It's my intention to upload all four because I think that the four "together" are much more "interesting" although Verkerke Posters sold them separately. EvK


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06/08/09 9:37 AM GMT
The dobro's telling its own story to me.
All aspects of this image are perfect Evert. Will call it a professional post, lol!
Regards, Cornelius.
PS: I'm very curious for the fourth one in this series to come.
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Cornelius was here either to enjoy your image or say 'thank you' for your interest in my gallery. In the first case, please CLICK HERE to see my work!
06/08/09 9:49 AM GMT
Hi Cornelius, a reaction 5 minutes after my upload. By the way, the fourth is called Saxophone.
Nice to hear that you "know your guitars (lol).
After completing this Blues Collection serie I will upload some of my “free” work (no assignment) and I hope I will surprise many viewers although I think I will get a lot of discussion (lol).
Thank you Cornelius for your “faster then the speed of light”-reaction.
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06/08/09 1:20 PM GMT
The dobro reminds me of the Grand Ole Opry. It's sound is unique. and I feel you have to have a love for country blues music in order to really appreciate it. It appears that the musician has had a glass of beer (just my interpretation) and is probably not hooked on the real hard stuff. He is definitely coming back to do some more playing, because he has left the dobro sitting on the chair and the light is still on. I wouldn't mind sitting in the room listening to him. Excellent addition to the Blues Collection. I am really enjoying this series.

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06/08/09 4:48 PM GMT
Een glas, een stoel en een gitaar.. een verhaal! Maar een kleind handje onderwerpen.. maar zoveel zeggend. Daar geniet ik van! Mich
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06/09/09 3:15 AM GMT
I'm really enjoying you photos Evert! These are excellent! Thank you for sharing them! Allen
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06/09/09 6:43 AM GMT
Hi Guys,
Nice to receive so many compliments and all the credits for some photographs I almost took 15 years ago.
The “problem” with more up-to-date pictures is that 99% of all my work is client-related and I have to get permission from the related client to publish them on the internet. I hope you all understand. Because the fact of Verkerke Posters, who published the pictures I uploaded, got bankrupt some years ago it is possible to show the work I made for them. The Buick Park Avenue pictures was, because this picture is also shoot more than 10 years ago also no problem.
But, next to my last update of The Blues Collection (Saxophone) I will upload more recent and “free” work.
Thank you guys for all your interest in my photo’s and myself.
Regards, Evert van Kuik
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06/10/09 12:31 AM GMT
An absolutely elegant photo! I enjoy guitar music so very much.Stevie Vaughn is my favorite, along with Carlos Santana, and many classical guitars also. Thank you for a lovely photo, and I'm looking forward to more. I really like how this photo is composed, the colours, the shadows etc. Welcome to caedes, I know you'll like it here. Verena
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Poetry is the language in which man explores his own amazement. ~Christopher Fry
06/11/09 3:15 PM GMT
Thank you for your compliment(s) and also for your “welcoming” to me. I feel honored by all your compliments. EvK
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11/13/09 1:44 AM GMT
Hello Evert...Still-life photography demands a great deal of care and imagination and as you know the rewards for a good still-life photographer can be enormous...Your approach to still-life photography is quite outstanding and this can be seen in this beautiful still life picture.....You must spend hours if not days arranging and rearranging the set up until you get it perfect.....Well done.....All the best to you Evert..............................................Mick.
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02/03/10 7:00 AM GMT

This is a fantastic photo, the mood, colours, composition and style all spell blues. Perfect in every way...WOW. I am an amatuer (just recently started)photographer and blues guitaris. You have inspired me to take photos of my guitars. Thank you for sharing
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07/15/10 6:17 PM GMT
Keb Mo leaps to mind. I'm only a couple of shots into examining your gallery and I'm already a big fan of your light. Are your hot spots darkroom burned in or live light? To me, what's seen in shadow and the mood of shadow are the most emotionally moving parts of any painting or photo. Love the added touch of the old light above.
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