Sunday Brunch  

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Uploaded: 08/05/08 9:06 PM GMT
Sunday Brunch
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My neighbors horses just taking it easy on a Sunday afternoon. For all the horse lovers here. Hope you enjoy!


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08/05/08 10:54 PM GMT
That would be me Eileen. I love the image and to my faves. I like the hint of color from the flowers or weeds in the foreground. To me it reminds me of a painting. sandi♥
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Nature in all her glory is my uplift on life.
08/05/08 11:19 PM GMT
I'll pass on the grass but will have a big filet with some lovely capture Eileen.. looks like they'll get their fill..=D
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Live simply. Speak kindly. Care deeply. Love generously.
08/05/08 11:29 PM GMT
The horses are beautiful and so is the field. Lovely composition. Colors are very nice.
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08/06/08 1:19 AM GMT
I never miss a horse photo! And boy do you have a great one! Excellent tones in the colors and I love how you caught their tails swishing!! Superb job and faved!
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08/06/08 1:49 AM GMT
Well, I'm a horse lover and this is lovely. See if you can get some more snaps of them please.
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08/06/08 4:55 AM GMT
It is a great photo Eileen. Horses should be called bloodhounds because they always seem to have their noses to the ground. This looks so natural. Great post.

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I'll meet you at the edge of the sunlight, just behind the shadows. The Ghost
08/06/08 5:08 AM GMT
They sure do look like they are enjoying the grass or should I say wildflowers. A lovely capture of this trio Eileen.
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Best wide-angle lens? Two steps backward. Look for the 'ah-ha'. Ernest Haas
08/06/08 6:29 AM GMT
I agree with Sandi, it has the look of a painting. Beautiful and peaceful with great colors. Very nice work!
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08/06/08 1:24 PM GMT
Beautiful shot and so very well presented here. Love it!

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“Won't you come into the garden? I would like my roses to see you” - Richard Brinsley Sheridan
08/06/08 6:23 PM GMT
I will Ms. Foofoo, thanks! Beautiful animals and they have quite a smorgasboard laid before them with all the green grass and wildflowers. Nicely captured! C):-)
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The squeaking wheel doesn't always get the grease. Sometimes it gets replaced! C):-)
08/06/08 11:02 PM GMT
Very Beautiful Eileen.
The colors are Fantastic in this One.

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Ribbit ! Come on over to my Pad.
08/10/08 5:21 PM GMT
The presentation of this image couldn't be better, Eileen. Great colors, nice tree line, beautiful animals, and some flowers to top it all off. Wonderful -

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So many pics and so little time can mean just one thing - it must be - tee time
08/16/08 1:49 PM GMT
Nicely composed, Eileen. Very nice looking horses too.
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"Take it upon yourselves to be more forthright in your comments"* *Les (&purmusic)
08/16/08 8:57 PM GMT
Excellent capture Eileen.. will have to save it for my kid (emmie9) she absoloutely LOVE horses!
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Marietha ****Live every day as if it's your last... and take "pictures" of it ;) ****

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