Bands of iron  

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Uploaded: 09/11/08 4:38 PM GMT
Bands of iron
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Another shot of Clifton Suspension bridge taken at a particular angle especially for Caedes curves contest.

The foundation stone for this crossing was laid in 1831 but due to continued problems the crossing wasn't completed, & opened until 1864, Isambard Kingdom Brunel the architect had died five years earlier. While this may have been unfortunate I'm sure the legendary engineer would be especially pleased to see it ageing so gracefully 2day. :o)


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09/11/08 5:56 PM GMT
The composition of this Phil is awesome, great detail and a lot of thought went in to this I would say, an excellent capture indeed.


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09/11/08 6:01 PM GMT
an excellent entry ...good luck:)
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09/11/08 6:03 PM GMT
Very good view of the bridge,nice angle too,the picture is very good,good luck.
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09/11/08 6:25 PM GMT
good choice for the contest. nice curves with this bridge. good luck!
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09/11/08 10:05 PM GMT
Hey Phil, A great contest entry and good luck to you.
. sandi♥
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09/12/08 12:20 AM GMT
I agree about the composition. Really like the pespective and you sure captured the details. I like this type of subject and you captured it very well indeed. Good luck in the c/c!
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09/12/08 12:45 AM GMT
Good contest entry. Good luck
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Man, that hurts.
09/12/08 2:00 AM GMT
very interesting perspective, but neat shot!
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09/12/08 2:03 AM GMT
This one has more curves that a Marilyn Monroe film festival. Great shot Phlossie and I really love the angle. Nice clarity. Good luck in the contest.

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09/12/08 2:07 AM GMT
You've got curves, Phil, and plenty of them! What a unique shot and so in keeping with the theme of the contest. Good luck.
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09/12/08 9:35 AM GMT
Amazing shot of this interesting bridge! Should do well in the contest. Good luck!
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09/12/08 1:07 PM GMT
Another great shot of the bridge. Great job.
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09/13/08 2:20 AM GMT
Love the curves and the perspective. Very interesting suspension bridge.
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09/13/08 9:10 AM GMT
Hey Phlossie, love the way you've captured this without getting any people in it! It also blows away anything I took that day! Great shooting angle here, those curves captured brilliantly. This should do well in the comp matey, and great links as always.

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09/13/08 10:53 PM GMT
Ditto to everything Paul said. Good luck with the comp.
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09/14/08 9:40 PM GMT
Now thats a good angle!
Well done Phil,
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09/20/08 2:04 PM GMT
A most excellent entry in the contest. Love those hard steely edges, Phlossy!
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