C'mere And Let Me Encircle You  

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Uploaded: 04/04/17 2:58 PM GMT
C'mere And Let Me Encircle You
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Avalokiteshvara statuary in a shop. I haven't seen other such mudras in either the Mahayana or Hinayana streams of Buddhism, except once in San Francisco's Chinatown, and since this was in a shop in the middle of Sin City, not sure how accurate it is, although there were many other accurate pieces in the shop. It's almost 8 feet tall, so it is an eye catcher that brings people in. The Venetian Casino and Hotel, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.


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04/04/17 5:00 PM GMT
Oh very cool, for it does not matter how accurate, it sure fits the challenge, and the current contest. tigs=^..^=
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04/04/17 10:50 PM GMT
Very interesting and nice capture.
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04/05/17 10:06 AM GMT
I respect other one's faith and culture, so it's not a matter of disrespect when I say that I'm glad not to be invited to shake hands.
Perfect find, Ted, and a very good entry for the B&W challenge.
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04/05/17 12:33 AM GMT
It is interesting that all except 2 pairs of hands are holding something. The ones in prayer are not, or one other pair. I wonder what the held items represent.
You got a super shot here with good lighting to show it to best advantage.
Will add to the BWC today, thank you
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04/05/17 11:57 PM GMT
I have to "hand" it to you Ted, a perfectly suited title for this great image!! Can't make up her mind I guess. Nice one!
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04/08/17 6:47 AM GMT
Ted, this is an absolutely spectacular photograph. Incredible detail and "glow". Perfection in b&w. I really love this!
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04/11/17 8:00 AM GMT
This is impressive and you have captured this perfectly. Excellent in black and white and great composition.
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