Darker Shade of Green  

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Uploaded: 10/19/03 12:05 AM GMT
Darker Shade of Green
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time filling with tweaking, i brewed this up..glyphs, glyphs everywhere!


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10/19/03 12:58 AM GMT
this is cool too, where do u get those shapes??
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10/19/03 1:07 AM GMT
they are made by myself.. 216 individual shapes on a seperate image then copy paste repeated...

once upon a time they were 216 polaroids ive got them all on the computer now.. and i built a giant photo montage of them ... much manipulating later and i now use the resulting image as a strange set of gylphs/runes/font
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10/23/03 6:17 PM GMT
Nice Art work, I like the shapes!
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10/23/03 11:31 PM GMT
cheers very much.. been using them in a few of my wallpapers!
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10/26/03 10:26 PM GMT
wow my first c-index.. thx for bothering to vote! :D
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01/25/04 7:18 PM GMT
As always
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01/25/04 11:13 PM GMT
;) cheers very much sally
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02/10/04 1:47 AM GMT
Nice cross between nature and geometry. Lovely!
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02/29/04 1:18 PM GMT
good job i can tell it took time
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03/04/04 1:46 AM GMT

!!!!!!!!its way way to dark!!!!!!!!!!

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03/04/04 4:27 AM GMT

!!!!!!!!!YOUR POST IS WAY WAY TOO BIG!!!!!!!!!

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03/31/04 2:05 AM GMT
very intricate with all the small pictures within the large
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05/16/04 2:39 AM GMT
It's like lost with myopia in the Oregon forests.
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05/16/04 2:43 AM GMT
No,no. Now that I see it enlarged it is more like lost with scizophrenia in the jungles of Tikal.
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05/28/04 9:31 AM GMT
its just so gooood
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07/08/06 5:26 PM GMT
i just voted this ten in the booth... that is incredible. i like the subltety of the glyphs and the way you can just barely see the shapes (because of size and color). WELL DONE!
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10/24/08 9:47 PM GMT
Thats alot of glyphs, threw me for a loop when I first saw it. Nice green colors and great twist.
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