Six of Diamonds  

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Uploaded: 11/06/05 5:30 PM GMT
Six of Diamonds
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This is the card I was dealt for the Caedes card pack. I was going for a more traditional card look than and abstract interpretation of the six of diamonds.


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11/06/05 7:06 PM GMT
Christ. Give the rest of us a chance!

This is brilliant.
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11/07/05 1:47 PM GMT
Fantastic work on the pair of images! very glad to have a few more images trickling in! i knew your style would make for a very interesting card design! certainly brought your flare to the standard card format! Thanks again for taking part, and your speedy delivery!
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11/07/05 3:27 PM GMT
Fantastic detail and design...great work.:Pat.
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11/07/05 4:26 PM GMT
This is my personal fav. of the two. You probably already know why. I can find more "things" in this one. ;) I love the corners and I like all the extra little enhancements like the spelled out sixes, the diamonds down the side and shooting out from the "sixes," and even the tiny diamonds in the heart of the florals.
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11/08/05 3:16 PM GMT
nice work , i like this over the other one.amazing detail you have shown here.
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have a nice day and read more fantasy.
11/19/05 2:55 PM GMT
hmm very yummy, very suitable design work for a deck of cards, i think i like this opne better than the other. :~)
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12/26/06 5:31 PM GMT
OMFG this is great so detailed so brillant thx for sharing
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