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I created this Out of Bounds using Adobe Photoshop 10 using a capture we took at our Son & Daughter-in-law's Wedding Day back in 2005. Which took place at the Board Walk Resort's Gazebo at Disney World & it was a gorgeous day.

Thought this would be a good B/W Challenge, you can view the original one by Clicking Here.

I used to create the B/W and add some more saturation, it was already the right size so didn't have to make it smaller.

I do appreciate all comments, so thank you in advance.

Have a Gorgeous Day, ♥ Skates

I'll be back a little later to catch up on commenting, going for a nice bicycle ride before it gets too hot.


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09/09/15 2:02 PM GMT
Very nicely done....

Great entry for the challenge!...
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09/09/15 2:04 PM GMT
Beautiful work. I love this.
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09/09/15 3:31 PM GMT
Excellent work all the way, Pat. That would make a great looking Anniversary card.
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09/09/15 3:44 PM GMT
Excellent shot and idea Pat. A very good one for the b/W challenge.
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09/09/15 4:29 PM GMT
Jim's right would be a good anniversary card - well done Pat - like professional wedding photographer would produce.
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09/09/15 5:36 PM GMT
Beautifully done Pat.
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09/09/15 6:05 PM GMT
This really turned out well, a perfect challenge entry.
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Nature in all her glory is my uplift on life and so is my love of photography. sandi ♪ ♫
09/09/15 6:55 PM GMT
Pat, to me the B&W version is even better than the colored version. It's more powerful and has more 'character' in it.
Good idea to choose this as a subject. Very inventive my friend.
Thanks for this very good B&W challenge entry.
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09/09/15 7:14 PM GMT
Good OOB...Looks good for the comp...R.
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09/10/15 3:56 AM GMT
Beautifully done Pat. The B&W version has a more timeless feel. Will add to the BWC :)
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09/10/15 10:22 AM GMT
Very nice Pat look good in B/W good luck in the challenge.
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09/10/15 2:24 PM GMT
Lovely b&w photo, Pat.
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09/11/15 12:53 AM GMT
Pat - A wonderful memory of such an important day in your family's life.
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09/15/15 2:23 PM GMT
A good one for the B/W challenge.
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09/23/15 1:43 AM GMT
Good post work on the photo, Pat. A nice capture of the special moment.
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