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Uploaded: 09/09/16 1:54 PM GMT
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Captured this amazing spider web this morning (2016, 09-09 Fri.) while having our coffee outside. Our nights are getting cooler and lots of moisture on the web. Also some of the fall colours are beginning to show now.

Thought this would be a good entry to the current contest "Diagonal". Brought out more detail with Adobe Photoshop Elements 10 and then used to bring it down in size.

Will try to start commenting today so please be patience. Will view all images but may not comment on all until I get it a lower number.

Thank you for you Comments in Advance, deeply appreciated.

Have a Fabulous Day & take care



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09/09/16 3:01 PM GMT
Snow soon then up your way..Nice catch...R.
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09/09/16 3:59 PM GMT
Girls' bringing her A game to this contest..

Very nice, Pat.

Good good composition and well-captured.

And that goes ditto for spotting this photographic opportunity.

Best of luck and, but of course.. thanks for sharing this one with us.
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09/09/16 4:04 PM GMT
This is truly excellent Pat and would be a great entry in the contest. A slight adjustment in your lighting levels and brightness would make the web pop even more.
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09/09/16 4:36 PM GMT
Nice clear capture Pat..details are fab!...
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09/09/16 4:53 PM GMT
very nice spidars web
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09/09/16 4:55 PM GMT
Nice and clear shot of the web which shows off well against the blurred background. Lots of diagonals here Pat. Good luck in the contest.
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09/09/16 5:03 PM GMT
A very fine contender, Pat.
Wish you good luck in the contest !


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09/09/16 5:39 PM GMT
That's quite a web Pat - could this just be the World Wide Web lol - love that design - nature is so amazing - you were really lucky to get this shot of the web - I'm sure that spider will get lucky as well in trapping a nice dinner in that web - Excellent Capture!!!!!!!
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09/09/16 5:42 PM GMT
This sure fits the contest my friend, wtg on this well spotted take.
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Nature in all her glory is my uplift on life and so is my love of photography. sandi ♪ ♫
09/09/16 5:54 PM GMT
Pat, I see that the spider meanwhile has gone, probably because it hates a 'cool' shower for free, lol.

Perfect contender for the Diagonal contest.
If this will be your entry, Good Luck with it,my friend!
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09/09/16 7:44 PM GMT
My, I know it is a prize winner. Such a great capture.
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09/09/16 8:27 PM GMT
It's great that you got the web completely intact...what a beautiful work of art it is! I like the branches that add an artistic flair. This would be a terrific contest entry!
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09/09/16 8:38 PM GMT
Excellent shot Pat very well captured .
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09/09/16 11:00 PM GMT
Most excellent Pat.
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09/10/16 12:33 AM GMT
Nice capture Pat. Tiny web fibers are problematic for auto-focus in camera. You did an amazing job.
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Life's moments are sweet. I just want to capture all that I can of them.
09/11/16 7:21 PM GMT
I love to see these webs adorned in the early morning dew. Well done to spotting this one. Lovely capture!
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