No Greater Love  

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Uploaded: 12/16/03 6:42 AM GMT
No Greater Love
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nuff said


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12/16/03 7:37 AM GMT
You have paused my heart with this masterpeice, and I thank you. There is a lump in my throat.
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Nine more sleeps-Happy Holidays To All
12/16/03 7:45 AM GMT
I do not know his history, but you've my respect.
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12/16/03 9:44 AM GMT
Great!! agree with Mayne and ppigeon.
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carpe diem
12/17/03 7:06 AM GMT
wow.. thats really touching man... thank you for sharing
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- Jest Mi 2 Sense
12/17/03 2:39 PM GMT
yes, really sad. remind us that love isn't always about sunshine and daisy. a touching work
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12/17/03 5:06 PM GMT
Very moving.
Is this taken in France ?
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No thanks, I've given up !
12/18/03 7:21 AM GMT
Thanks all! And yes, this was taken at the cemetary at Omaha Beach.
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12/23/03 8:50 AM GMT
Although it's not really called Omaha ;)
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12/23/03 8:57 AM GMT
bbodien: why did you say Omaha beach is not the real name?
That's one of the 5 warnames given by allied army before 6/6/44 (others were Utah, Juno, Sword & [forgotten]) Am I wrong?
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01/04/04 5:21 AM GMT
Yea, thats right Pierre. Omaha beach is one of the 5 landing places.The last one you forgot is "Gold".
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02/03/04 1:53 AM GMT
LOVE THE PICTURE.God is AWESOME and i dont see how someone can live without him, unless you want to live your life in tormant, but even thought life may be great for you now, you aren;t going to be taking ANY of it with you.. Again VERY COOL picture
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-always and forever, later days-
03/07/04 1:34 AM GMT
hahah yes but the offical name i do think is normandy is it not? although im not quite sure what the beaches name is. ahah at first i thought this was arlington(sp?) i've been there. its so awesome(in terms of size and emotion..not of personal joy) i would really like to visit all these historic sites someday..purhaps ill become a photo jounalist :-P
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moment of silence please for those who never get the chance they show up to the party but they're never asked to dance the losers the liars the bastards the thieves the cynicists, the pessimists and those that don't believe in nothing -streetlight manifesto
08/08/04 5:37 AM GMT
Thank you for this post. favs.
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B.J. ;)
06/28/05 5:03 AM GMT
Indeed it is a great piece of art. I must thank you for what you have created.

As for the beaches names, the 5 mentioned are not their real names. They were the code names used by allied forces. They have just been called those names since that day when men on both sides fought and died for what they believed in.

~True soldiers fight not for their country, but for each other
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07/29/05 11:50 PM GMT
omgoodness. I am rendered speachless. This is truy beautiful. Something that cannot be explained in words...
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All things Bright and Beautiful; All things Big and Small; All things Wise and Wondeful; The Good Lord made them all! "Lotessa valla mela quanta le" May God's love fill you
08/24/05 1:49 AM GMT
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09/15/05 6:59 PM GMT
Beautiful picture wonderful message!!!! :D
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"Listen to creations morning, Waking all around you. Feel the spark of dawn within, Breaking day has found you."-The Lady of the Lake.
03/29/06 9:57 PM GMT
Really beautiful. Touching and true.
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04/20/06 1:16 AM GMT
All I can say is "AMEN" ! Very moving, indeed! Thanks for sharing.
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08/01/08 4:21 AM GMT
ditto. Amen!
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