In An Instant!!!  

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Uploaded: 08/10/16 12:27 AM GMT
In An Instant!!!
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The Polaroid Land Camera produced photographs in less than 60 seconds back in the day. It was like magic!!! Just imagine, a picture that you could actually hold in your hands and no need to take your roll of film to your local drug store for processing - you had an actual picture(s) - In An Instant! This Polaroid is my camera. I bought it new and had so much fun with it. This camera still operates perfectly and you can still get film for it. Time has passed and there's nothing like the digital age - but oh those sweet memories.


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08/10/16 2:25 AM GMT
Oh yes, how well I remember these...great b/w and clarity...makes an excellent entry in both the current contest and the b/w of luck, Laura.
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08/10/16 7:00 AM GMT
Memories are flooding back and I realise now how old I'm getting..Really good..R.
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08/10/16 7:38 AM GMT
Laura, in my days (even in the eighties) at sea when we had some important thing to report (like damage etc.) I used to take Polaroid shots and post it from the next port. It would have taken at least a week to reach the ship owner. Today you take a photo and within 10 minutes you can send it via satellite from mid-ocean. That is progress for you. Nice one and if this is your contest entry it is a very good one.
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08/10/16 10:04 AM GMT
I like to copy SAW's thoughts as this is a perfect (and sharp as a pin) entry for the current ('Retro') contest and the Wednesday B&W challenge.

If you would decide so, wish you Good Luck with it in both cases.

Very well done, my friend.
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08/10/16 1:46 PM GMT
My stepmother had one of these back in the late 60s...Possibly a more basic model than this, and she used it all the time...Only drawback is that it only took B&W pictures...In the mid 70s, she graduated to the color SX-70 Land Camera...

Nice one...Faved...
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08/10/16 3:04 PM GMT
My first camera was Polaroid in the late 60's - this is a cool shot Laura and is a great entry for the contest and/or the BWC.
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08/10/16 3:29 PM GMT
Not only do I remember those cameras, but the flash bulbs as well! Lol! Nice presentation, and excellent contest contender, and I do hope you will enter it in the challenge as well.
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08/10/16 8:19 PM GMT
I don`t think that it could take a picture quite this good. Excellent photo here !
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08/10/16 10:21 PM GMT
I still have a color Polaroid photo of my husband and myself before we were married. This image really brought back nostalgic memories. It's great that you can still use it! This would be a great contest entry!
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08/11/16 1:28 AM GMT
Does bring back memories and this is a terrific photo layout.
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08/11/16 1:30 AM GMT
Does bring back memories and this is a terrific photo layout.
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08/13/16 10:47 PM GMT
Spectacular entry and I just voted for this one - good luck on the results because it's outstanding
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08/17/16 5:35 AM GMT
Congrats on 2nd place!
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08/17/16 5:50 AM GMT
Nice job on second place in the contest.
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08/17/16 5:57 AM GMT
Congratulations glad to see this one do so well.
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08/17/16 7:15 AM GMT
Laura, congratulations with your 2nd place in the 'Retro' contest.
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08/20/16 11:56 AM GMT
Well done on attaining second place in the contest Laura - well deserved
Oh how I wanted one of these in the 1960's !
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08/20/16 4:44 PM GMT
Congratulations for your placing on this contest !!
Very beautiful work !!
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08/23/16 1:44 AM GMT
Congrats on 2nd place in the contest. A good capture of your old camera, Laura. Nice clarity, lighting and details in the photo.
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