End of the Line.  

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Uploaded: 11/01/09 11:51 PM GMT
End of the Line.
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Last week on a trip oop north, we had an hour to kill in Crewe station.Our connection train was due on this platform so I had a play. I thought this could be an entrant for the new contest, but cant make my mind up.

Thank you so much for looking and any comments xx


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11/02/09 12:09 AM GMT
I think it would make an excellent entry to the competition MFJ as the whole image is made up of lines in all forms. Go for it!
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11/02/09 12:14 AM GMT
Thank you U Steve, advice taken. This is now my entry xx
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11/02/09 12:23 AM GMT
There are many lines in this picture,it is very good,good luck in the contest,Jo.
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11/02/09 3:09 AM GMT
I believe Caruso is correct Jo and I see you took his advice. There are lines everywhere. I like your title. :)
Good luck in the contest and this is very well composed.


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11/02/09 4:26 AM GMT
Oh! my goodness!thousands of the lines!! this is going to be
the winning entry Jo,good luck in contest.
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11/02/09 7:41 AM GMT
Was gonna suggest this one for the comp!....

But you beat me to it!...

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11/02/09 4:49 PM GMT
×÷·.·´¯`·)»×÷·.·´¯`·)»fαитαѕтι¢(×´¯`ν^· ··(×´¯`ν^· ··
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єvєrч dαч ís α gíft.....thαt ís whч ít ís cαllєd thє prєsєnt!
11/03/09 3:10 AM GMT
Jo, I think this would make a wonderful entry, go for it.

I really like the depth and lines in this one
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11/08/09 10:13 PM GMT
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11/09/09 8:45 AM GMT
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11/09/09 5:26 PM GMT
Thank you so much!!!! I am over the moon to have been voted 5th. Thank you all so very much xxxxx
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11/10/09 12:08 AM GMT
Congratulations! Thad
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04/14/10 9:56 AM GMT
Hello Jo....A considerable amount of thought has gone into this composition...You have used the railway tracks,platform edges and the roof beams as lead in lines..You have positioned the lines near the corners of your frame,so that they lead the eye towards your main focal point...I like this very much and you should go to the top of the class for this one....Well done....All the very best to you Jo....................Mick.
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