Blooooooozy Memory  

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Uploaded: 06/25/14 10:43 AM GMT
Blooooooozy Memory
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R.I.P Verenabloo.. for those who remember her, please post a picture of something cobalt blue or red like her Mercury Cougar on July 8th. For those that did not know her, please know that she was a beautiful woman and photographer that passed much too soon, and if you feel it, please post something in the memory of someone amazing. Verenabloo: I love you, mom, someday I will see you again, <3


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06/25/14 3:01 PM GMT
Nice capture...she is surely missed...Faved...
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06/25/14 3:03 PM GMT
Oh, my Marcie, what a wonderful tribute to your beautiful mom, I still think of her and how she loved life. It's had to believe she's been gone for almost 4 years (July 8, 2010)
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06/25/14 3:10 PM GMT
She really is missed on this site. I will try to post something worthy.


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People are like cameras--sometimes they lose focus.
06/25/14 4:22 PM GMT
Sadly missed!...Always a nice word for everyone...and she just loved to help new members!....It doesn't seem that long since she left us either!

Thank you for this
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06/25/14 4:34 PM GMT
So sweet Marcie!! I miss your mom as well. She is a very special person and missed here at Caedes by all:)I'll do my best to come up with something for the 8th:):)
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06/25/14 6:44 PM GMT
Aww, what a delight to see a photo of Verena again...I will certainly try to post something blue or red in her memory...there is a lot going on in my life right now so not sure if I can post on the exact date but will certainly try or sometime close to that date...most of us remember her very well and miss her...she was indeed a wonderful person and one of a kind.
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06/25/14 7:25 PM GMT
Marcie, she was a very special lady. I have marked my calendar and hope I will have something she would have liked.
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06/25/14 7:31 PM GMT
Ms. Verenabloo! Thanks for posting this portrait of her, Marcie... She is gone, but she is absolutely not forgotten.
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06/25/14 8:11 PM GMT
I think about Verena very often. I do miss her too. Will remember to post something in cobalt blue and red - these are my beloved colours too.
Thanks for reminding the date. In these busy times one forgets the important dates only too often...
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With all my love and respect, Marzena
06/26/14 12:21 AM GMT
Every time I log on here I think about her and it brings a smile to my heart. She is sincerely missed.
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06/26/14 1:05 AM GMT
I'll do my best Marcie!!! Still miss her very much myself. Love you!!!
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06/26/14 3:50 AM GMT
A very loving tribute...
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06/30/14 6:59 PM GMT
A Lady in every sense of the word....R.
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07/08/14 2:43 PM GMT
I posted a tribute photo today. May your mother be with the angels.
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People are like cameras--sometimes they lose focus.
07/08/14 7:07 PM GMT
Thank you to all! I will post a picture later today in my moms memory! Love and hugs around the world
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