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Uploaded: 03/30/09 8:42 AM GMT
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I adore this natural fence of different kinds of trees standing together and watching, communicating, enjoying... Is it too crazy?


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03/30/09 12:38 AM GMT
It's crazy but it's beautiful Milka. Thanks for sharing.
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03/30/09 7:09 PM GMT
A beautiful variety of trees with the water and mountains to add to the shot.

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03/30/09 8:06 PM GMT
A Beautiful nature scene and shot,Milka..Love it
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03/30/09 8:43 PM GMT
Such a beautiful range and mix of trees. A nice sight to see. Your country is really beautiful. How about your spring? Have you got some spring shots of 2009 yet? :)
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03/30/09 11:40 PM GMT
Great scene Milka. I like all the greens and differant shapes.
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03/31/09 4:22 AM GMT
Very nice shot, colors are very nice. I like the 3 long trees.
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04/03/09 2:21 PM GMT
Not crazy for me! I like the diverse trees and perspective as if they're standing on guard at the edge. Especially enjoy the gradient layers of color in the sky behind them. Reminds me a garden setting.
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