Far Island  

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Uploaded: 09/03/09 9:43 AM GMT
Far Island
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... and the only island we have in Macedonia, it's in the Prespa Lake. Tzar Samuel (997-1014), built his residence there, but now there are only ruins.


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09/03/09 11:48 AM GMT
nice colors, but you could have cropped a little of the sky i think
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09/03/09 12:14 AM GMT
Yeah I think you have to much sky as well which takes away from the subject. I'm curios about something if you don't mind me asking, when you take pictures do you have your camera set to the largest size? If not that might be the reason for it being a bit grainy. Remember, if you take a pic at 900x800 and increase it to 1200x900 your photo will get pixelated which causes a grainy effect. Down sizing a photo of 1200x900 to 900x800 will actually increase the quality. Mind you the sizes I mentioned are just examples. So in short if your camera can go up to 3200 x 2800 or whatever highest setting it has set to that and when you upload your work you'll notice a better quality.
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09/03/09 8:12 PM GMT
Thats a lot of blue! I like the pinkish tint running through makes it very pretty.
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09/03/09 8:37 PM GMT
Yes, what a blue picture!
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09/03/09 9:04 PM GMT
Its blue hues and a bit of sandy foreground! I really like the different blues in the mountains in the distance. The y have a surreal effect like a painting~very pretty! nice capture!
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09/04/09 7:47 PM GMT
A Beautiful blue scene.Looks like a Magic place..Lovely capture Milka.
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09/09/09 11:41 PM GMT
Beautiful blues
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Bundles of love!
09/13/09 7:07 AM GMT
I don't mind having too much sky in this one. For me, it makes the picture. Having that void space at most of the upper part of the photo, then just below it are shades of blue from the mountains & the water followed by the thin layer of brown/orange at the bottom makes this unique.
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