Dream in Color  

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Uploaded: 10/07/09 7:54 AM GMT
Dream in Color
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I took this photo a few weeks ago. I was sitting under this beautiful tree and I thought, this would look pretty for those who love autumn. Well, enjoy autumn lovers. :))


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10/07/09 11:07 AM GMT
Milka - Very interesting side lighting on the leaves, giving several of them a glow. Thad
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A perfect summer day is when the sun is shining, the breeze is blowing, the birds are singing, and the lawn mower is broken. - James Dent
10/07/09 3:20 PM GMT
That would be me!!! I love it Milka!
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10/07/09 3:38 PM GMT
.¤ª"˜-»¦«- -»¦«˜"ª¤. nícє shσt .¤ª"˜-»¦«- -»¦«˜"ª¤.

are тнoѕe cнeѕтnυтѕ нangιng υp тнere мιlĸa? ιт ѕυre looĸѕ lιĸe тнoѕe вυrrѕ тнaт cover тнe oυтѕιde oғ a cнeѕтnυт тo мe, вυт ι мay вe wrong:))
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αттιтυ∂єѕ αяє ¢σитαgισυѕ. ιѕ уσυяѕ ωσятн ¢αт¢нιиg؟
10/07/09 6:36 PM GMT
A Beautiful autumn capture,Milka.Lovely light and colors.
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10/08/09 10:00 PM GMT
Beautiful Milka.
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10/09/09 12:46 AM GMT
A very nice rainbow of colors going on there Milka! Looks very nice and pleasing to the eye!
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10/09/09 1:59 AM GMT
I got this in the VB just now and it caught my eye. I like it. It makes a great desktop. The green is refreshing. The current C-score of 32 is ridiculous. It deserves and did receive far more in the VB. KEEP-PAH!
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10/09/09 6:31 PM GMT
I love the light n shade and colours!
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