Late Sun  

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Uploaded: 12/20/10 9:54 AM GMT
Late Sun
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I caught one of the beautiful days, now this is a white story. Sorry, I left there my "selfshadow". I hate cropping.


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12/20/10 9:58 AM GMT
Very well composed my dear friend.
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12/20/10 10:01 AM GMT
Nice picture, Milka, I love your "selfshadow". LOL
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12/20/10 1:13 PM GMT
No need to crop this, Milka. It looks quite good as it is. Beautiful sky and nice lighting.
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12/20/10 4:16 PM GMT
Good shot Milka! Even though the leaves have fallen from the trees it sure does look sunny and warm there.
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12/20/10 5:04 PM GMT
Very nice looking photo and great angle you took this shot from,also i like how it is narrow too.I like the detail in the tree and nice touch with the tree branches hang over.
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12/20/10 5:29 PM GMT
Not only the sun is late, but also some leaves are. :) Nice shot my friend.

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12/20/10 8:23 PM GMT
Oh I really like your shadow in the photo it makes it extra special Milka so I see what you look like!
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12/20/10 9:23 PM GMT
Beautiful scene,Milka..Lovely light.And i love your shadow in this Beautiful photo.
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12/21/10 3:08 PM GMT
I don't like cropping either, Milka! Your shadow just adds interest to the photo! Great job!
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12/22/10 2:46 AM GMT
No need to crop out your shadow. I think it make the shot interesting. Very nice colors and contrasts again, Milka. I love that sky.
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12/23/10 1:54 PM GMT
Very good shot, nice colors
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