We up There  

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Uploaded: 02/25/11 6:06 PM GMT
We up There
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02/25/11 6:16 PM GMT
Very nice angle you took this shot from nice and clear and good focus too.
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02/25/11 7:09 PM GMT
Oh, beautiful sky and poor naked tree. I love them, very good photo.
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02/25/11 7:34 PM GMT
Nice composition, Milka. The trees with and without leaves against blue sky is beautiful. Since more than a week here it was very cloudy and all rainy and I had missed this scene. :)

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02/25/11 8:07 PM GMT
That sky is pretty Milka:)
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02/25/11 9:46 PM GMT
Super sharp looking sky and the touch of green.
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02/25/11 9:52 PM GMT
I like the part of the green tree on the left side, and the sky is beautiful. Very nice shot, Milka.
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02/25/11 10:23 PM GMT
Beautiful blue sky,Lovely colors.A Fine photo,Milka.
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02/26/11 8:18 AM GMT
Nice shot well composed with the trees against that beautiful sky.
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02/27/11 1:00 AM GMT
Great angle, Milka!! Great job with the clarity! :)
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02/27/11 1:52 AM GMT
That is one very beautiful sky my friend.
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03/01/11 3:19 AM GMT
Really like the way the bare tree branches are pointing right up to that beautiful sky Milka.
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03/01/11 8:14 PM GMT
Lovely :) the sky is a beautiful backdrop :)
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"Everything has its beauty but not everyone sees it." Confucius

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