Spider Web  

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Uploaded: 10/21/05 3:21 PM GMT
Spider Web
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Just trying something different here , tell me what you think and be critical.


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10/22/05 2:47 PM GMT
Well, I like it. Perhaps a tad of sharpening would help but it is a clear shot with a non-distracting background. I think the black matte choice was the right one for this too. I am taken directly into the pretty web. Web images are some of my favs and this will go into my slideshow for those as well as give me room to place my folders on my ever too busy desktop. Thank you.
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10/24/05 12:04 AM GMT
im not sure how this dosnt have more posts but it is a great shot, very well detailed i like it
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10/24/05 5:29 AM GMT
I love it! Web's are so hard to capture, yet you have done an EXCELLENT job! 2 thumbs up!
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10/24/05 5:40 PM GMT
I like it a lot. Spider webs are difficult to photograph, but you did a good job.

If there was an image that a large frame would be appropriate on, it would be this one, but even so, it seems a little too big for any practicle purposes. Did you design in this way because you didn't want to enlarge it or because you wanted to keep the wide-screen ratio without having the frame look awkward? The frame's borders are a well-chosen color, and the black looks great against the morning foliage.

There is something about waterdrops that enlivens an image and makes it appear more natural and real. It is this dew that seperates sunrise from sunset. The weight of the water droplets makes the web appear organized, yet casual. I like the depth cues given off by the depth-of-field, it really makes for an interesting image.

If I were to offer you one thing to work on, it would be to make the image more encompassing. If it is a bit larger, it seems to be that much mroe around you, hence more real. This effect is doubly displayed when you get up super close. Keep a wide aperature on these shots as you did here, but try to get a little closer in. Let me know if you post more of this style of pictures, I would like to look at them.
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12/24/05 3:51 PM GMT
I think this is a great shot. The picture was a great capture. Nicely posted.
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08/25/06 11:13 PM GMT
I love what you have done with this web and the dew and the framing. Into my favs!
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