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Uploaded: 05/01/07 6:59 AM GMT
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05/01/07 7:57 AM GMT
Incredible macro..right to my favs...Congratulations
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Aupa Athletic Club (From 1898)
05/01/07 8:42 AM GMT
Hi Kristof,
Great close-up, lovely detail,
I like the composition and focus,
Beautifully done,

Thanks for sharing
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If you look too closely, you aren't looking at a photograph anymore - General observation
05/01/07 9:39 AM GMT
im envious of your lens! i think i may have to kidnap it from you! lol!
wonderful! faved saved and drooled over!
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05/01/07 10:42 AM GMT
Kick @$$ capture mister!! This is what I keep tellin' people...closer, closer, closer. You really are the master of the close-up / macro world K!!
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I think it's wrong that only one company makes the game Monopoly!! Picture Purrrfect .
05/01/07 12:42 AM GMT
First thing I did was blow. Glad I was not able to spoil this lovely delicacy.
Splendid :)
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The question is not what you look at, but what you see ~ Marcel Proust
05/01/07 2:18 PM GMT
Absolutely stunning camera work, Kristof! Professional quality - - you need to start marketing these images! Wen
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05/01/07 3:53 PM GMT
Indeed an amazing close up Kristof, compliments. Very nice compo and colors too!
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05/01/07 5:54 PM GMT
incredible Kristof what a wonderful macro:))
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laughter is the best medicine.
05/01/07 6:30 PM GMT
amazing macro!
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05/01/07 11:27 PM GMT
Yet another outstanding image! Unusual but highly effective composition and perfect lighting as always. Top work.

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"The secret of creativity is knowing how to hide your sources." Albert Einstein.
05/01/07 11:48 PM GMT
Well, let's's in my spring and summer fave's on my desktop and despite the fact that I'm jealous that you have these going by already and I have yet to see one in bloom, I'll give you a thumbs up and hope I get to vote on this one.


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"You may forget. But let me tell you this: someone in some future time will think of us."
05/02/07 2:26 AM GMT
Very cool Kristof.. Outstanding in fact.. hope ya dont mind, but I'm gonna mirror it so my icons will be on the open side;).. excellent work sir...=D
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Live simply. Speak kindly. Care deeply. Love generously.
05/02/07 11:20 PM GMT
Excellent macro. It looks like Lynn blew some of the seeds off. I'll forgive her as it is still excellent.
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05/02/07 11:26 PM GMT
Wow Kristof! I've seen those puff balls dozens of times here on Caedes but you really made it interesting an pretty.
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Life's moments are sweet. I just want to capture all that I can of them.
05/04/07 3:11 AM GMT
All I can say is "WOW!"
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05/04/07 3:14 PM GMT
thx all for the comments .
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....Dreamstime..... Art is born of the observation and investigation of nature. Big stock photo
05/04/07 3:53 PM GMT
Fantastic, into my favs and onto my desktop! Excellent work!
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"God is my only hope and the source of my joy." Henri Nouwen
05/06/07 4:40 AM GMT
Superlative capture! I love this one!
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You will be led to the knowledge of the internal things which are invisible to you, by the external things which you see before you. . . . Even so then, we can represent to ourselves in thought the Author of all that is, by contemplating and admiring the (visible) things which He has made, and ever brings into being. - Hermes
05/14/07 11:33 PM GMT
this is one of the best dandelion pictures that i have seen i think. i dont even understand how you could get sooo much details. i mean its just plain insane. i love the composition too. amazing work! ~abby
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i apologize for my delay in replying to all of your wonderful comments...senior year in hs has me incredibly busy and almost frantic...
07/25/07 12:49 AM GMT
very incredible macro!
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Visit My Gallery.
09/15/07 10:34 PM GMT
There are so many pics of Dandelion heads on here, but this one really stands out. Great work.
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09/19/09 10:05 PM GMT
unbelievable details on this blowball, awesome makro
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let me keep my eyes open, let me see the beauty
02/13/10 9:20 PM GMT
well this is amazing. thanks for showing what is possible
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thanks for sharing

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