Flight of the Meadowlark  

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Uploaded: 11/12/08 5:29 PM GMT
Flight of the Meadowlark
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By request from lgmac.


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11/12/08 6:14 PM GMT
COOL! I like it!
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What ever happened to the good ol' days?
11/12/08 6:18 PM GMT
Really beautiful Lauren. Lovely soft colors and fine lines. Has a wispy feel to it as well. The flame has a really smooth transition into the white so it all just flows. Great work!

Ian :)
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11/12/08 6:31 PM GMT
Cool as they come, this I do like very much.
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11/12/08 7:20 PM GMT
I love this. This looks a bit familiar, did you have it on your Deviant Art account? I love the colors!
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11/12/08 9:33 PM GMT
Very soft, I might just wear that..........shhhhhhhhh :)
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11/12/08 11:53 PM GMT
Fantastical flow of flight!! Fly be free!!
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Why do the pictures come out square when the lens is round??
11/13/08 12:32 AM GMT
Super job!!Love the colors and faved!!
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11/13/08 2:25 AM GMT
Such a soft flow to this! Superb Lauren and the colors are so perfect for it!
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Love and live.
11/13/08 2:34 AM GMT
A simple gorgeous piece!!!
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Angelle "Ya, but she's our witch so cut her the hell down." Malcom Reynolds...Firefly "Safe"
11/13/08 3:40 PM GMT
Gorgeous creation! Love the soft colors.
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11/14/08 7:16 PM GMT
nice abstract. it looks like it could be made intoa poster pretty easily. nice how it starts looking 2d at the extremes of the form and taller and taller at the middle. Nice effect. interesting data plotting technique.
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11/15/08 2:41 AM GMT
Voted on this one. Great shot and I grated it that way. Well done.

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11/19/08 3:27 AM GMT
Lauren, the design is interesting, but to me the colors are what really set this one apart. I can't even begin to count all the hues in his one as they flow so very subtly from one to the next. To me a very peaceful feel with just a touch of dynamic energy in the middle.

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11/23/08 12:16 AM GMT
such a gorgeous composition... so graceful and light. I really like it Lauren
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12/02/08 2:44 AM GMT
What a nice picture, the overall look of it is just wonderful, you did a really nice job on this one…thanks for sharing!
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