Heart's Ease  

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Uploaded: 08/20/11 3:07 AM GMT
Heart's Ease
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For everyone who needs a little heartening...most especially for our dear friend John, AKA jswgpb.

A big hug to you Mr. Lionhearted !

I've posted the parameters to this here ---> PARAMS....Free to a good home. Have fun ! All I ask is you guys let me know what you did with them so I can enjoy them too.



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08/20/11 3:13 AM GMT
Pretty cool lookin.
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08/20/11 3:31 AM GMT
Lauren ... A beautiful & thoughtful creation for our dear friend, John. He'll love it. Gorgeous colors & I love the heart in the center. I send a big hug to John as well.
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08/20/11 4:09 AM GMT
Beautiful! There is so much going on in this image, i really took a long time to take it all it! I love the detail and the colours compliment each other so well. Nothing seems to overwhelm anything else. It is a perfect balance. The best fractal ive seen for a very long time (as im not very keen on them!)
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08/20/11 4:26 AM GMT
Taking this to the Heart for our Buddy!!!!
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08/20/11 8:03 AM GMT
congratulations, is a wonderful creation! I love it! she is a TRUE artist!
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08/20/11 9:52 AM GMT
So beautiful work and perfect for our dear friend John.
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08/20/11 12:18 AM GMT
II really like your creation. Beautifully put together. Its a 10 in my book.

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08/20/11 1:12 PM GMT
Well chosen and placed gradient on this one - it really separates the various aspects of the construction. If I may, the rendering is a tad grainy in the thin spots, but I know that is very difficult to deal with in Apop. Excellent job.
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08/20/11 1:30 PM GMT
Beautiful work Lauren.. I know Fluffy will love this.. great flame work love all the intricate details.. and perfect choice of colour
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08/20/11 4:52 PM GMT
So beautiful and heartfelt Lauren! Fabulous colors:)
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08/20/11 8:49 PM GMT
Thanks sweetie, makes my days. :)
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08/20/11 11:55 PM GMT
Thanks my friend and you made here a great job.
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08/21/11 2:24 AM GMT
Wow, amazing work.
Thanks for sharing.
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09/08/11 7:56 AM GMT
Awesome Photo

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02/28/13 8:40 AM GMT
Saw this one on the Homepage...Cool!
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