Pacifica Pier  

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Uploaded: 09/19/10 10:09 PM GMT
Pacifica Pier
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Taken in July 2009, in Pacifica, CA. It had been an all-day-long high-contrast black-and-white shooting excursion, but minutes before we left I switched back to color for just two or three shots. The atmospheric conditions created a warm and ethereal yellow-and-indigo combination that I don't usually associate with sunsets, and I love how the clouds are sleeping on the horizon instead of hanging in the sky. As usual though, wishing I could do away with some of the graininess.


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09/20/10 8:15 AM GMT
Lovely shot of this interesting pier, colors are good.
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09/20/10 9:01 AM GMT
Beautiful picture, lovely colors, interesting and wonderful sky.
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09/22/10 4:53 PM GMT
The graininess almost gives it a feel of an aged photograph. The colors are nice too. Nice picture!
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"If everybody minded their own business the world would go 'round a deal faster than it does."
09/23/10 3:41 AM GMT
Everything looks so still.. Yes I know this is a picture and duh things arent moving but it has a calm, still, peace about it, very nice! :)
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09/23/10 12:59 AM GMT
Love the look of the clouds .... beautiful shot....
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09/23/10 8:44 PM GMT
I think its funny you'd like to do away with the graininess and that's one of my favorite things about it! Beautiful shot.
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Love and Be Loved.
09/24/10 1:11 AM GMT
An interesting capture and nice perspective in the photo. The graininess in the clouds could be toned down a bit.
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