Sunset Ocean Cove  

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Uploaded: 09/27/10 12:24 AM GMT
Sunset Ocean Cove
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Original shot taken by my boyfriend in 2010, in Ocean Cove, a bit northwest of Santa Rosa, Northern California. The photomanipulator in me was dying to try to bring some of the lost detail out of the shadowy rocks, but I resisted for the most part for the sake of maintaining the silhouetting effect of the sunset.


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09/27/10 12:21 AM GMT
Great sunset scene, I love the still big sun and the silhouettes of the rocks.
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09/30/10 3:09 PM GMT
I don't know, but to me the sun area seems way to bright and distracts from the rest of the beauty. Good angle though.
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10/01/10 5:28 AM GMT
Grand setting! lovely presentation!!
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10/01/10 2:37 PM GMT
Great photo!!! Very nice!!

thank you for sharing...
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10/02/10 1:07 AM GMT
An interesting looking scene and nice composition of the shot. I like the silhouettes and capture of the water on the shoreline. The bright area of the sun could be reduced in size.
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10/02/10 11:22 PM GMT
Thanks for the feedback all. The sun has actually been reduced a little already. I didn't want to over-process this one, especially because the sheer size of the sun is what (I think) lends this photo its personality. I already multiplied back in as much of the highlight detail as I could, although an artificial shrinking of the sun could be done...
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