Kalofer; Bulgaia  

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Uploaded: 03/26/10 10:57 AM GMT
Kalofer; Bulgaia
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Dlds: 53
Status: active

4238'42.44"N 2458'48.27"E


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03/27/10 5:51 AM GMT
Nice depth to your shot. I like the mists rising in the gullies. The sky is unfortunately blown out.
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In order to discover who you are, first learn who everybody else is; you're what's left.
03/28/10 9:40 PM GMT
Nice picture road gives a nice depth to the image sky however not so good. If you get the chance would be worth it to try again.
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You do not need a knife to draw blood a pencil and paper works just as wel.
03/29/10 2:03 AM GMT
I like your idea. For me I'd go down the road a little and have the path but not the dirt road. Keep it green but have a road to wander in the picture. Get past the dirt and crop the area to get the hills and trees more vivid. Wash out is hard to get rid of in order to get the land.
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03/29/10 6:42 AM GMT
Здравей Милко,
Радвам се че тук има и още някой българин. Ако искаш да направиш добри снимки има на накво да се научиш и общността е доста добронамерена. Ако решиш можеш да ми посочиш някоя твоя работа и да я обработя. Ще се радвам ако подобни преработки от галерията ми ти харесат.
С най-добри пожелания,
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