Lunch View at Hemingway's  

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Uploaded: 10/21/15 1:43 AM GMT
Lunch View at Hemingway's
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Taken with my cell phone :( This is on Pensacola Beach. Pensacola proper as well as Gulf Breeze can be seen in the distance. One can see why it is called the Emerald Coast :) No editing except resizing. Thank you!


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10/21/15 7:25 AM GMT
Excellent shot very well captured.
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10/21/15 9:36 AM GMT
Mimi, I could spend some time there to enjoy the relaxing atmosphere and to amaze the emerald colors, but the distance is 'somewhat' too far for me.
Very good quality for a 'cell phone image'. Thanks for this fine one!
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10/21/15 12:22 AM GMT
Wow! I would really really like to be there! I love the way the colors of the water transition from green to dark blue. And to be eating at the same time as taking in this view!
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10/21/15 3:21 PM GMT
Lovely view. Where are the boat? Two dock completely empty. I love going to the Emerald Coast and you have captured some of its beauty in your image. Well done.
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10/21/15 4:04 PM GMT
Good to see you post. great capture with your cell phone. I'm shooting about everything with my cell phone nowadays. Love the way that water changes color. This makes a lovely desktop. KEEP-PAH
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10/21/15 5:01 PM GMT
Mimi, this is a super image with your cell phone, it is nice to see you post. I love the contrast of the water's color. Really stunning,and a big kudos on this one. tigs=^..^=
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10/21/15 5:50 PM GMT
Lovely image Mimi - that's quite a view and a very impressing image from your cell phone - Excellent Capture!!!!!!
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10/21/15 6:51 PM GMT
Very nice capture Mimi with lovely aquatic colours that are so inviting and very nice fresh looking capture so clean.The detail and compstion is stunning .
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10/21/15 11:09 PM GMT
Great capture of the different colors of the water.
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10/22/15 11:30 PM GMT
Wowser Mimi, this is Magnificent, such striking beautiful colours and looks so peaceful. Outstanding shot with your phone - love it, what a gorgeous beach. I'd love to be walking there right now, it's 4C/39F here. Right into my favs
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10/24/15 4:12 AM GMT
Thanks everyone for the kind words. We are vacationing in Florida and my time is short but please know I appreciate your kindness :).
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01/07/16 6:41 PM GMT
too far to go ..... Bijan
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02/18/16 7:14 PM GMT
this path is for coming in or going away, it's upto you to judge.
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06/28/16 4:22 AM GMT
I can't wait to seen the sea myself. Getting ready for my summer holiday in one week time. Such a fun to watch this relaxing photo of Yours. Wish I could spend a few hours on the beach. So tired after the whole year at work. Mimi, thank you for sharing this peaceful and eye pleasing beach scenery.
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