Emerald Fountains  

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Uploaded: 01/19/15 11:48 AM GMT
Emerald Fountains
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Fountains photographed outside the Municipal Theater in Reggio Emilia, Italy. The theater was opened in 1857; however, the dancing, color-changing fountains in the piazza were a recent addition. This will be my entry for the water contest. Thank you for looking and leaving a comment.


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01/19/15 12:33 AM GMT
With those green fountains and the reflections this night shot looks very beautiful and is a very good entry for the contest Doug.
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01/19/15 2:35 PM GMT
nice angle shot to show off the fountians and some of the building as well. i always have problems with shooting something like this..i just seem to want it all in the shot..which is not too desirable it turns out. when i view one like this? i see all too well why. its a good entry Doug! i love Green! well Blue too, then of course theres Red..huummm decision decision.
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01/19/15 3:01 PM GMT
Very nice night shot Doug,
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01/19/15 3:25 PM GMT
Wow...great did some super camera work to catch this...that green is eyecatcing
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01/19/15 3:48 PM GMT
I had to get a shot the last time my water flow turned green, Gibbs.
Turns out it was just too much St Patrick's day celebrating.
A great shot for the contest per usual.


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01/19/15 4:06 PM GMT
Terrific entry Doug - catching all the green at one time can't be easy.
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01/19/15 4:08 PM GMT
Excellent shot Doug good luck in the contest
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01/19/15 4:27 PM GMT
Beautiful fountains...Nice picture...R.
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01/19/15 4:56 PM GMT
This marvelous image should do well in the contest. tigs =^..^=
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Nature in all her glory is my uplift on life and so is my love of photography. sandi ♪ ♫
01/19/15 5:35 PM GMT
Beautiful shade of green - great shot Doug.
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01/19/15 6:10 PM GMT
This is a very nice photo for the contest and I love the aluminous looking fountains that run along side the building .plus the purple light in the front of the windows add a lovely feel to the building and the detail in this photo is superb .
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01/19/15 6:37 PM GMT
Excellent shot on the fountains Doug!!! Love the angle and comp. Also like the motion of the fountains as well as the building in the background. Well done and a super entry for the contesr:-):-):-)
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01/19/15 7:16 PM GMT
Well I must say you know how to come up with fantastic images for contests....although everything you post is fantastic. I wouldn't be a bit surprised if you walk off with top honors again, Doug. Amazing shot.
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01/19/15 11:47 PM GMT
Very cool, indeed! Clever idea for the contest entry.
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01/20/15 1:24 AM GMT
Well Doug, you never fail to deliver...gorgeous fountains and great angle and handling of the lighting...super entry and best of luck.
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01/20/15 2:08 AM GMT
Fabulous shot and super one for the water contest.
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01/21/15 4:29 AM GMT
Great night time capture.
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01/21/15 1:41 PM GMT
A bit of Old Ireland in Italy. Nice work.
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Long before the white man and long before the wheel, when the dark green forests were too silent to be real. Light foot 1967
02/01/15 10:35 PM GMT
I know the rule about yellow snow, and I've never heard any warnings in regards to green water, but I'm going to assume it's not safe to drink.
Great colours and lighting in this capture, Doug. A good perspective in the photo.
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