3 of Diamonds  

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Uploaded: 06/17/06 10:12 PM GMT
3 of Diamonds
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I've been dealt the 3 of Diamonds by Grimbug for the Caedes Deck of Cards.. This is a first attempt at it, and also at something like this... , and would really like comments, as many as possible, to see what you people think.. I'm working on another, but would first like some input on this one.. good or BAD.. Thanx for stopping by :)


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06/17/06 10:48 PM GMT
Wow Marietha, this is outstanding! How in the world did you do this? The only distraction I see are the faint markings around the diamonds. Excellent work!
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I am still extremely busy with projects but hopefully things should slow down by the end of the summer. Please know that I appreciate you all and will stop by and visit your images as often as I can. My best to all my friends. Sincerely, Carrie
06/17/06 11:35 PM GMT
Nice concept and well executed. Don't sneeze!!
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06/18/06 2:00 AM GMT
Cool card! Maybe try some other colors with the gradient that may compliment the lips more... say, blushing pink or promiscuous purple? :) The longer I look at the image, the more I worry about choking. *hehe*
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"The promise of tomorrow is not a guarantee, so I shall live for today and live for me." -- Smoosh. Please feel free to visit my Gallery. Your feedback and critiques are always greatly appreciated.
06/18/06 2:01 AM GMT
THAT's one on your coolest Images yet my lady! :-) Love it!
The Diamonds are OUTSTANDNG!!! You must have been readin some of Nathan's tutorials!!! :-)

Very, very Cool!! "Wallpaper"!!!
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06/18/06 2:13 AM GMT
This is really special, original and striking. For me there is nothing to change.
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06/18/06 3:03 AM GMT
Wow, this is really cool, Marietha. It is very, very appealing. Wonderful work you did on this. {Applause, applause}!
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06/18/06 3:44 AM GMT
Very creative. Love the brilliant colors. Who would have ever thought of the diamonds between a pair of lips? I really like the gradient shades of color in this. Excellent.
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06/18/06 6:55 AM GMT
Wow Marietha, this is fantastic I cant think of any negative to say about it. You have done a great job with this, the colours and everything are perfect !! Thanks so much for sharing.

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06/18/06 6:56 AM GMT
I love the idea of the red hot lips with the fabulous diamonds between them...but I would also like to see you use a different colour on the background. Lavender or hot pink and actually I think black might be very elegant with those red lips...the only thing I think I dont particularly like is the font for the word Diamonds...but other than that this is a really fun assignment and you have dont great!! I wish I had this talent..>V
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I have a simple formula; do your best and somebody might like it.
06/18/06 10:02 AM GMT
Excellent Mareitha. You have created something very special there. The only thing I would suggest is to make the diamond shapes a little more pronounced around the lips as my first thought was it was the three of hearts. You have an amazing talent for putting together wonderful images! :) Patti
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06/18/06 3:09 PM GMT
Wow, this is great, well done.
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Be happy. Enjoys our earth...Lien.
06/18/06 3:27 PM GMT
i dont have words to say how much i enjoy this picture.
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Never give up !
06/18/06 8:28 PM GMT
nice diamonds . are u single ? lol
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06/19/06 3:35 AM GMT
This is absolutely great. Super idea and very well done.
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06/19/06 2:05 PM GMT
Great job, Marietha! The diamonds in the lips is such a neat idea.
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06/20/06 2:25 PM GMT
A mouth full diamonds, but then 3 time.
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06/20/06 11:43 PM GMT
great idea love the wet lips and the diamond image inside each mouth lovely coloures
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09/02/06 1:27 AM GMT
Very nice love the lips and the diamonds can ya share wit me? :D
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08/14/07 7:34 PM GMT

I am a 7 of Clubs and create cards too. I really like your original design and love the colors. Great Job! If you would like to find out more about the Cards look at www.starofthe or A new world of discovery

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04/30/08 2:30 PM GMT
The 3ofDiamonds has a great design-very creative!!! Love it!!!
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11/27/08 8:54 PM GMT are a girl's best friend, and you depict that in a very ingenious and playful way. 10
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live and let live
09/06/09 6:11 PM GMT
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