Madi Grace discovers side view car mirror!  

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Uploaded: 10/15/12 12:28 AM GMT
Madi Grace discovers side view car mirror!
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My granddaughter took control of the camera today. This is her self portrait.


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10/15/12 12:42 AM GMT

She is a creative and beautiful young girl Rita.
I love her name .
Great shot.
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10/15/12 1:23 AM GMT
Oh Oh...there goes your camera. Now that Madie Grace has gotten a hold of it, you will never get it back. Better go get a new one! LOL. Your pretty granddaughter did a pretty good job with this. My compliments to her.
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10/15/12 2:01 AM GMT
She is beautiful Rita. I'm glad she is getting interested in photography and that's one more thing you can share! Please tell her she did a fabulous job on this shot.
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10/15/12 4:19 AM GMT
My grandson would like her, Rita. :)
Great shot. She did a good job of composition and the fall colors add a lot.
Cool post.


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People are like cameras--sometimes they lose focus.
10/15/12 12:01 AM GMT
Nice self portrait of your granddaughter with camera.

Ah... What a beautiful day to ride in a convertible.

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10/16/12 1:11 AM GMT
She did a wonderful shot Rita, she's very pretty
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Have a Sunny Day
10/19/12 5:24 PM GMT
Very cool!!!
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10/23/12 1:00 PM GMT
Rita - Well done! Thad
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03/09/13 7:39 AM GMT
Hello Rita...Your dear grand daughter has taken a lovely photo of herself...If she can do this,then you have to encourage her to get more involved in photography...Tell her from me,well done...Thankyou for posting her picture....All the very best to you Rita..........Mick.
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05/01/13 2:07 PM GMT
Rita...this was the first picture i noticed on your FB...someone made a comment or liked it...and i began following "your" work after this!
I still love this shot
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